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Bubble Bobble is coming on Nintendo Switch tomorrow morning

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Bubble Bubble, a platform classic that has spawned multiple spin-offs and sequels, hits Nintendo Switch tomorrow.

If you’ve never played a free game like this, you’ve missed out a simple yet so addictive game. You play a few bubble-breathing dragons and they have to co-cry the monsters level after level.

How many levels of earth do you expect? Even though there were a massive 100 levels to clear, it was shamed to admit that we never reached the end of the game. But when it was a whale, a whale trapped monsters in bubbles then took them into prizes. At least we did when everything went well.

Bubble Bobbles, which says that if you don’t really take time to catch those trapped monsters, they give you a chill. They came across several platforms and spawned Rainbow Islands and Pomob/Byersonove games. The next step is Nintendo Switch.

It’s already on PlayStation 4, but tomorrow, 29 December, it takes over the Switch as a Arcade Archives title, supporting an additional two players. Following fire on the heels of Tetris the Grand Master, it’s going to cost $7.99 from the Nintendo eShop.

It’s a great pick, though it’s worth a little bit, as the whole collection of bubble-bobble games of the pre-2000s, but the theme, especially one to the star star, is still there. If its good enough for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, good enough for Bub and Bob.


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