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Build Like Its 2005 With This Microsoft Xbox 360 MEGA Set

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There may have been Lego Icons Nintendo Entertainment System and Lego Icons Atari 2600, but the Mattel-owned Mega skipped quite a few generations. The latest Megaset is the MS Xbox 360 Collector MEGA.

If you missed out on MEGA or Mega (because at this rate were going to wear our shift key) they put out a whole range of licensed sets. This swung from Mattels’ worlds Masters through Pokemon. With a controller and an in-built version of the Xbox 360, you can build a similar original-model replica.

The set looks to be quite good, though, as would Lego’s own consoles, it’s a bit complex. This collection is made up of 1342 blocks and for builders over 18 years. It’s a Target-exclusive set costing $49.99. Given how cool the console is, he hopes it’s a timed exclusive for the grand tradition of console games. If you add a three point scale model, it will be about nine inches.

Unfortunately, there’s some bad news if you’re planning to do that. It’s going to arrive this October 8th, but pre-orders have already sold out. The retro shelf has been pretty warm. However, checking the Xbox 360 Mega Set page should help you choose for a change in price in case Target sells more equipment.

Now, if you’re sorry, I was off to build a blocky towel. Just in case, you know.

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