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Bulletstorm VR Gearing Up to Land on PSVR2, Meta Quest 2, Steam VR Gearing Up to Land on PSVR2, and Steam VR VR Gearing Up to Earth

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Release date and price details for Bulletstorm VR Unveiled.

People Can Fly and Incuvo announced that Bulletstorm VR will be distributed on PSVR2, Meta Quest2, and Steam VR on December 14 for $39.99. Pre-orders now live on PSVR2 and Meta Quest, giving the early purchaser a limited price.

Get a peek in the Gamescom 2023 trailer.

The new trailer promoting Bulletstorm VR has been released in gamescom 2023 Opening Night Live. This sneak peek offers the most immersive way to enjoy bulletstorms fast-paced chaos.

Meet Grayson Hunt: Your Guide to violent adventures.

Bulletstorm VR frightens gamers in the fearless shoes of Grayson Hunt, the former Dead Echo leader. To seek revenge, players must navigate the abandoned resort planet of Stygia, where the survival is not cheap or violent.

With various weapons, such as the iconic energy leash and the famous Flamegun, players can create an extraordinary carnage. Melee and ranged combat options, along with dual-wielding guns, offer new methods to earn experience and strengthen skills through creative Skillshots.

What have the Makers Say: What are they supposed to tell?

Bartosz Kmita, creative director of People Can Fly, expressed his enthusiasm for the VR version, calling it the definitive way to experience Bulletstorm. The collaboration by Radomir Kucharski, executive vice president responsible for the product procurement at Incuvo, characterized this collaboration as the perfect match for their VR experience.

Conclusion: Bulletstorm VR where Creativity meets Carnage.

Bulletstorm VR is expected to be on Dec. 14th on PSVR2, Meta Quest 2, and Steam VR. It promises engaging experience combining creativity and destruction. With its immersive gameplay and its unique Skillshots release, this game will definitely be a welcome addition to any VR gaming collection.

Platforms: Meta Quest, SteamVR, PlayStation VR2.

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