Bungie is enabled to enable the Exotic 2 API, 3rd party apps, working again after the latest bug in server problems caused by the latest Exotic


The players who are looking for Destiny 2 can finally use their favorite apps again.

Now Bungie reenabled the Destiny 2.3 API, meaning the official companion app and other third-party tools – most crucial to the game – are almost essential. The outage lasted just two days, from July 28 to June 30 after Bungie closed the API due to connections issues. That is the previous timeline Bungie gave and then pointed to a fix for the early next week.

During the whole week, players started reporting significant problems with their connectivity to the Destiny 2 servers, notably if progress, such as achievements and Exotic drops returned due to these issues. Bungie ripped access to the API on Dec. 28 so it would be better if it was to fix it.

The new Zero exotic pulse rifle was developed by senior community manager Dylan on Dec. 28, 1996.

A bug sweeping the way that the new exotic was developed is causing some serious issues for games/API, resulting in full server crashes, he said on Twitter.

Bungie tried to fix a problem with different ideas, such as disabling Revision Zero which could not be avoided, according to Gafner. As we understand the inconvenience, this not only lets players continue to play new missions and exotic duties, but also prevents the continual failure, explained he.

This isn’t the first time this month that Bungie has disabled the API. The company took the same measure on Dec. 9, after the release of the Spire of the Watcher dungeon also caused massive server issues that marred the introduction of a new dungeon.

Since the API fell, players are essentially excluded from vital services. Apps such as the Destiny Inbox Manager (DIM) make transferring gear seamless and borderline-wide. While tools such as the Destiny Armor Picker can be essential for building and selecting gear. The companion app used the API to acquire bounties and display triumphs. Now, even if it wasn’t allowed to use the public or online channels, it wouldn’t be possible for customers to take bounties or check vendors.

The fumblings of the API indicate how far from Destiny 2. You can also look up the skills of any player with your gammon. If you need to know what new weapons you may get, you will be able to quickly transfer weapons between the characters and the vault. Although these tools aren’t official or built into Destiny 2, they have become the more essential to the games experience as far as some actual features are, it’s also becoming the more effective of these tools.


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