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By For The Dungeon will be released this October

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Sleeping Giant Games, independent game developer, revealed that Par For The Dungeon will have released on Steam next month. Players are getting a different type of golfing title since they have taken all of the tropes of a golfing game and meshed them with all the mechanics of a dungeon crawler. To see more about the game, and check out the latest trailer to see how it is playing, as the game will be released on Steam on October 17, 2023.

Credit: Sleeping Gone Games.

Golf is boring, Par is different. Join Cal as they battle the treacherous and dog-woking Bogeys. To use their feet to defend the battle against these dangerous weapons, it’s the worst one! Compared to regular golf, the objective of Par For The Dungeonis is to force Cal’s heroic golf ball into the hole at each level with few moves. For their path they block scouting the slick obstacle, and flurry of contraptions! By going the mountain, follow each incline, and get over the top of your belts on the shop’s handshake and laser wands! During Cal’s adventure, you’ll wander through the quaint cities, crypts, and fungal forests with complete wealth of unique levels, all paired with Sleeping Giant’s signature visuals.

“Analyze and overcome bizarre obstacles, dial in your shot power, and send Cal flying! Bogeys patrol every level, not just their presence locking down holes. Lock out the bounce, throw deadly traps and pick up the arsenal of items. As you travel through the pristine realms of Par, you’ll discover beautiful towns, snowy crypts, fungal forests and more. The ability to master mechanics and to achieve the highest level of skill in as little moves as possible ranks you up, unlocking new talents and outfits for Cal.”

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