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BYD will supply its LFP batteries for Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles

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Mercedes-Benz doesn’t have any prejudice to lithium-iron phosphate batteries, which have been used in electric vehicles since 1993. In 2021, he received credit for using CATL batteries in his flagship EQS sedans and now we are talking about products from the Chinese company BYD in this regard.

The photo was taken by Mercedes-Benz.

At least that’s what CarNews China reports, in relation to the CBEA article in China. In the early years of the series which was recently discussed by Mercedes-Benz in its serial incarnation, the cars will be the first electric car to use a BYDs Blade family of traction batteries. These batteries are currently the most advanced version of LFP batteries made by this Chinese supplier. These batteries are the basis of the new MMA platform for the German automobile giant, which combines LFP technology and its high-speed charging.

According to Chinese sources familiar with the automakers plans, the first electric cars that use traction batteries for this series will be available on the market in 2025. The range spanning 750 km, declared for CLA concept, is very good for a carrier of LFP batteries, even if it is due to the potential progress of the relevant technologies in the next two years.

This isn’t for me because Mercedes-Benz and BYD have never collaborated before. In China, they have a joint venture, Denza, that produces electric vehicles. It was founded in 2010, in parity, but in 2021, where one could easily count on the most successful commercial successes of hybrid and electric cars, Mercedes-Benz reduced its capital price to 10 %. After that BYD achieved even more significant success in the development of the Denza model range, and added two new crossovers and a minivan to the market.

As is widely believed, BYDs plans include the construction of a battery production plant in Europe. This isn’t inferior in terms of logistics convenience to competitor company CATL, which built a special plant in Germany. That way, the future production of the latest LFP batteries will begin with the function on high charge. Mercedes-Benz is a partner with both the traction battery and the chargers. They are among the world’s three largest. The Toyota, Kia and Lincoln brand have also made use of BYD traction batteries.

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