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Call of Duty players haven’t received their dreams for MW3 zombies despite initial revealing their story

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Activision released the 3-Zombies mode of Modern Warfare on Sept. 19. Yet the community remains extremely cautious despite the disappointing Zombies experience – called the duty of every child.

In the Call of Duty blog post, MW3 Zombies will be: an open-world, player-versus-environment (PvE) exploration survival experience shared with other squads, along with several special stories missions.

The description makes for a person with additional steps like that. You’ll encounter other friendly players, complete them on a large map. That post mentions that zombies won’t be the only enemy, but you’ll fight the Terminus Outcomes PMC which works for Victor Zakhaev.

The new format sounds fun, but the community isn’t holding their voices down. After the horrible nightmare of Vanguard I will always wait for a review, and community consensus, a fan wrote about Reddit. Players are also careful, due to the common perception that MW3 is like a glorified MW 2 DLC.

Zombies; Cinematic | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III byu/Kalinine InCODZombies; Old Warfare.

As with many older games, the term “Zombies” was popular with the round-based format, so I understand this skepticism. Despite that, players still seem to be excited about the MW3 Zombies story.

What makes Zombies storylines interesting is how surreal they can be, from the mystery boxes to dubious, world-class powers. And every chaos will bring in our favorite characters from the core story, like Soap, Laswell, and Ravenov.

There isn’t the game footage yet. The MW3 Zombies will be available at the launch on Nov. 10, when all the right people will see how effective the revamped mode really is.


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