Capcom has shuttered the remakes of Resident Evil: Code Veronica & Resident Evil 1


In October 2022, we shared a demo to the remake of the first “Resident Evil” game in Unity Engine. And as you might’ve guessed, Capcom has sent a C&D letter to disengage the team to shut it down (beside the fan remake of the code Veronica of Resident Evil).

The team originally planned to release this screenplay in 2023. But and after several difficulties, it decided to put on another step in the new game in 2024.

The game would quickly get ready for the defeat. Even though they wanted to give their flashlights, they could use it for a second. The game would also have a dodge mechanic and a selection of weapons.

For what worth, the Demo for the classic RE game isn’t available for download anymore. The team stifled its Twitter account and the games website also.

Remake Demo Links to Evil-Religious! Watch the movie on YouTube.

That’s that. The team obviously developed this game for portfolio purposes. This is what most small teams are doing in developing such a remake. If the team wanted to create a full-length game, they would scrap all the remarks out of it after they received this C&D letter. Since that didn’t happen, we can assume there was no actual plan to complete/definite these projects. But at least we got a demo for the whole game.


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