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Card Of Pokemon: Scarlet & Violet Part 60: Spidops Illustration

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The pharaoh era of thePokemon TCG has commenced. With the closing of the Sword & Shield, the Scarlet & Violet era kicked off in March 2023, with the focus of the ninth generation of Pokemon and the new region: Paldea. It all started with the Scarlet & Violet base set released today in the United States on March 31st 2023. The hobby changed the lot of things with this set, lasting change. A Japanese release of the cards’ borders has become silver now. Another major change is that now each pack reaches at least a holo-rare ward and two reverse holos. The lowercase ex has a holographic pattern with a horizontal shine and a starry sparkle. Full Art exs now use a green, foil outline round the Pokemon. These rare sections of expansions will feature full art, Illustration Rares and Special Illustration Rare exs, Full Art Trainers, Special Illustration Rare Trainers and Gold Hyper Rares. In today’s installment of the Scarlet & Violet base set spotlight, we’ll see how the Spidops Special Illustration Rare ex is tied to the Tarountula Illustration Rare.

We have letters of Scarlet & Violet. Don’t forget the Pokemon TCG.

We showed a more intimate look at the Tarountula Illustration Rare in our pieces focusing on this card type. Special Illustration Rares are unique because they use a mechanic like ex while also advancing the story of the cards they are connecting to. We’ve previously shown how the Ralts, Kirlia and Gardevoir ex line shows an entire group of Pokemon evolving with their family as a baby. That card by Tanaka is a little different. Rather than progress a story over time, this Special Illustration Rare ex physically connects to the top of the Tarountula Illustration Rare to see that evolved Spidops save their pre-evolution from a Scyther.

Follow this special set down. While we continue to spotlight the cards and the artwork of Pokemon TCG: Scarlet & Violet, we will continue to explore how it works. Next time, the spotlight is on the Secret Rare section. You can watch this iconic trade card game here at Bleeding Cool.


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