Samsung T7, Crucial X6 X8 1TB 2TB Portable External SSDs on sale again at great prices

[ad_1] In this ongoing Christmas 2022 sales season, we’ve been busy hunting down and writing deals articles on all computer hardware, like Processors, graphic cardsAnd also on storage components like CMR-based hard disks (HDD) for NAS and Plexas well as on SSD drives, including NVMe. Samsung T7 Shield Speaking of SSD drives, in case you … Read more

Increase your app productivity with the Google Apps Scripting Suite at 97% off.

[ad_1] Today’s featured deal comes our way Online courses Section of Neowin Deals store where you can Save 97% off the Google Apps Scripts Bundle. Upgrade your business’s online integration with 7 courses on Google Apps scripts, apps, projects, and tips. This package consists of the following courses: Google Apps Script 2020: Build 16+ fun … Read more

Twitter says you can’t link to competing social media platforms, if you do, you face suspension

[ad_1] Twitter announced a new policy which prohibits the tweeting of links to prohibited social networks. You also may not tweet your username for competing platforms or put links in your Twitter bio. Violations of this policy will result in you having to delete offensive tweets, temporary suspension, or even permanent suspension for repeat offenders. … Read more

Windows 11 preview build lets you draw stickers on the desktop

[ad_1] In May 2022, the preview build of Windows 11 received a somewhat questionable personalization feature that allows you to place different stickers on your desktop. As it turns out, somewhere after build 25174, Microsoft added the ability to draw custom stickers. Here’s how you can activate it (Through @PhantomOfEarth). note: Although stickers are available … Read more