The report says Samsung is considering ditching Google Search for Microsoft Bing on its phones

[ad_1] A new report claims that Google learned back in March that Samsung was considering replacing the default search engine on its Galaxy smartphones and other devices. The company, which sells the most Android smartphones worldwide, has seriously considered using Microsoft’s Bing search engine instead. The report by New York Times, based on internal messages … Read more

Windows 11 build 23435 has a hidden smart window capture feature, here’s how to enable it

[ad_1] In February 2023, a new report revealed Microsoft’s plans to upgrade Windows 11’s Snap deployments with AI magic. According to the leak, Windows 11 (or its successor) will use machine learning to predict which apps and in what order the user wants to organize. Although Microsoft has yet to announce AI-powered Snap layouts, the … Read more

Another longtime member of Microsoft’s Halo team may have left the company

[ad_1] Just a few days ago, Joseph Staten, the creative director of Microsoft’s 2021 first-person shooter Infinite aura and great power behind the scenes of all cardamom The franchise since its release, announced his departure from Microsoft. Now it looks like another important member of the cardamom The team also decided to leave Microsoft, albeit … Read more

A quick look back at Microsoft’s first PC hardware product in 1980, the Z80 SoftCard

[ad_1] When Microsoft first launched Windows 8 in 2012, it also launched the Microsoft Surface with Windows RT. Many people believed at the time that this was the company’s first venture into personal computer hardware. Oh, sure, the company made and sold computer accessories like its many mouse and keyboard products, and it was also … Read more

OpenAI has not yet started work on the next generation of GPT-5 LLM

[ad_1] OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has confirmed the rumored development status of GPT-5, the upcoming version of the highly popular GPT series. Since the release of the GPT-based ChatGPT chatbot, the language model has become the fastest-adopted technology in recent times. Source: @TheAiinnovations on YouTube GPT-3, the earlier version of the language model released on … Read more