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Celebrate the Christmas present with the Moon Studio studio on fire

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The Moon Studio campfire in action has been much hotter this season. With 10 South Asian and China teams in a classic tournament, we can play enough games to last us through Christmas and New Year.

Moon Studio Campfire Tournaments: Format, teams and players.

The Moon Studio Campfire features a fully formed presentation consisting of a group stage and a playoff game. All ten teams share the group stage, that’s nice to get a glimpse of the power rankings at the Moon Studio Campfire.

The group stage has three-round match winners, where the top four teams got to the upper tier while the fifth-place teams remain to the lower class of the Playoffs. The two teams are ending their tournament life with elimination. Averaging eight surviving teams to compete in the Playoffs makes for better matches because they are playing better-of-three in double-elimination brackets.

The SEA teams include Lilgun, Neon Esports, Atlantis, XERXIA, KOBOLDS and Yangon Galacticos. Between that and China, the representative are Dawn Gaming, LBZS, Meteor Gaming and iG.Vitalty.

Lilgun is the favored player in the tournament, and it’s important in that year’s history. Securing the top two in the previous division made Mongolia an easy step ahead of the Big Leagues Division 1 bracket. What’s interesting is that Lilgun still has his two-year-old roster up and running. That’s a testament to Lilgun’s perseverance.

Yangon Galacticos had their moments during DPC, but eventually fell off. Nevertheless, YG still kept around, despite the poor showcase. One such organisation has two Chinese teams like LBZS and iG.Vitality. The two teams aren’t high-profile Chinese powerhouses, but LBZS has its moments, especially during its first visit.

Step One: Exploration at Moon Studio Campfire.

The first day of the event showcased an impressive performance from the event’s XERXIA, which overwhelmed both China and international opponents. IF the game is well, XERXIAs were successful with their split-push tactics. And if the game was a long-awaited test, they became strong snowballers.

While the competition looks strong, it’s impossible for LBZS to win a clean series, not just from Chinese rivals, but also from their competitors. That said, it is unlikely that LBZS would be leaving Moon Studio Campfire through the group stage elimination since their match is actually over. While the group stage has a variety of options and lots of possibilities, LBZS might be interested in testing out new strategies, as a result of very versatile drafts in every match.

There aren’t many games in a day yet, because the Moon Studio Campfire has already started a week ago. Hence, the fan favorite, Lilgun, hasn’t debuted their first match nor does we have any insight into Yangon Galacticos or Meteor Gaming’s potential. Nevertheless, expect more action in the coming days of Christmas and hopefully we can just catch the strong team on the upcoming DPC 2023.

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