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Characters Impact: How to Make Characters and Begins

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It’s a special feature of Genshin, which allows you to strengthen your characters and sometimes drastically alter your playing style and role. We will examine in detail how the Earth is orbital, how is it possible to get and activate them?

Using our builds, the heroes of the Genshin impact understand what constellations the characters bring to each other.

What are the constellations?

Constellations are an interpolation game that allows you to make up characters when you buy copies of them.

In total, a star is six (and they call constellations, among which). This means you must for seven years get the same hero to collect everything, including her constellation. If you conceive them, you use the word “constellation” for both consta and C. For example, if they say C5 Xiang Ling, then the player has discovered 5 of her constellations.

For all characters, different constellations change a number of variables, and with the exception of a pattern, the third and fifth constellations always increase the elemental skills and ults level by three ed.

How do people take over the situation in this field: Character Luck.

Remarkable characters activated using a specific resource called “good luck” (for the Traveler Memory). There are many ways to get Luck; here we are going to discuss them with an expert in detail.


The easiest way to make heroes more believable is by knocking out their double copies in prayers. Characters can also drop in temporary banners, and in standard banners.

Unless otherwise planned, chances of falling out of those heroes that represent the image of a prayer increase. After 10 spins guaranteeing to receive a 4* item if a weapon or character has fallen without a greater chance, the 4* hero in the next 10 spins guarantee to be one of the three listed.

If the fifth in the event banner is successful, it will drop for one of the five-digits. If the dropped hero was one of the standard banners, then the later received character receives the guarantor, and will drop with a 100% chance for another 90 spins.

The character’s character changing is constantly, they’re all regularly repeated, so don’t worry if there aren’t enough constellations for someone else.

In a standard banner, the chances of getting the desired constellations are lower than in the usual banner, since there is no increase in the chance of a specific person here. As for the constellations with a 5 * character, the situation here is different from the event banner, where the weapon is also in the banner. The chance to pull out the desired character is only 1/16.

See more about the giraffe in banners, and follow the prayer schedule.

Paimon Store

In Paimon store, you can only buy 4* and 2 copies in a month. A hero is wisely rewarded with a special currency that has been given for twists. One constellation costs 34 US$.

The advantage of that store is that you can buy the Luck of starting characters like Keia, Amber and Lisa. It’s very rare to get them out.

The characters of the store has repeated for the second year, so you can find out in advance who will be next month and accumulate glitter. Each pair of heroes is available in a special guide two times a year.


This way the players are learning fun. There are also characters in events, but this is the most unstable way, in light of the lack of regularity in appearance of a particular hero. Characters appear in the pass alternating with weapons. Sometimes there’s events with the ability to choose the hero (see also the sea lantern festival).

Follow the events schedule in Genshin Impact’s website.

Luck for the constellation Aloy in Genshin impact.

Aloy is a Cryoexclusive character in Genshin Impact. You could buy it for free as a gift to send the game profile to the mail. For PlayStation users, this was released in update 2.1. All of the players were sucked after the release of 2.2 patch for Genshin Impact.

The hero’s characteristics are lacking in constellation buffs. At each of the six points, the development team reveal that the star of this character hasn’t arrived in the firmament of Teyvat. Some way can be used to uphold this hero’s abilities in the future. We’ll always let you know.

How to get all the slinge of the Traveler.

There are different perspectives on the traveler than those of other characters. They can’t be purchased from the paymon store or purchased through prayers.

To help the main character, memory, can be given the game a reward for completion of quests, ordered at the Souvenir Shop for Seals, obtained from acquiring the Stue of the Seven Archons, and increased the Adventure Rank.

Memory of the lightning venom (Anemo), Memory of immovable rocks (Geo), Purple Lightning and Memory of lush flora (Dendro).

The table below shows all the ways to get Memory for each elemental version of the GG.

How to open characters’ constellations.

To activate the constellation, you’ll need to choose the item Constellation, then select the undiscovered constellation and press Activate. If you don’t want to activate the constellation, keep reading carefully.

If the light doesn’t turn out to work, these constellations should be unlocked on the other hand.

Activating the Traveler constellations is slightly different. Because the hero has different elements, to activate the constellations of a certain element, you must first go towards the Archons’ Statue and speak to them so that they change the elements. Afterwards, the following constellations will open.

What do you find for that character C6?

The Power of the Character, or the genshin impact resource, is used to generate a nebulous sheo, Free Star Glitter, which can be used in the previously mentioned Paimon store for different values:

Add up the prayers, heroes (change seasonally); and elite resources.

In the first case, a two-dimensional replica of a character gives 2 untruths of free star Glitter, the fifth 10 untruths. However, sooner or later, the constellations of the character are fully revealed. After that, if players cannot receive those duplicates, it’s not the ability to win Character Luck. The reward of the free star Glitter puts the number of units up to 5 and 25 respectively (depending on rarity).

Could one knock out a constellation of friends?

No option to knock out constellations on a character without a single player’s influence. Constellations strengthen the heroes and in some cases change their gameplay (but in a negative way, but open up space for teams in experiments).

In most cases, the strongest constellation is c6, which means even an opening of all others. And order five-figure F2P players too expensive for the money, if you need to buy another set, for some purpose. However, it should be noted that getting four and five stars in the constellation, especially new ones, can be hard as well as 5-stars, since they do not have a certain guarantor.

You should not despair one way or another, if the constellations for some 4 * characters were lost, it would be helpful if the constellations were found by themselves.

We hope our guide has helped you learn more about Genshin impact and how to get Luck to activate them. Read the general overview guide of Genshin Impact.


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