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Chinese memory maker YMTC is urgently seeking a replacement for American equipment

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In October last year, US sanctions limited supplies of equipment to China for specialized fabrication of solid-state memory with more than 128 layers, and two months earlier, the Chinese company YMTC, which presented its 3D NAND chips 232-layer for the purpose of securing production, is now forced to seek a replacement for the United States and the specialties who serve it.

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The South China Morning Post refers to this, as it recalls its own source. In December last year, US trade sanctions extend specifically to the company’s own subsidiary. Aside from the recent September sanctions, the Chinese memory manufacturer lost access to equipment that was sold by the American company Lam Research, as well as to other professionals who could use these equipment in the YMTC. The company was forced to reduce product supplies and delay the manufacture of a second silicon wafer processing facility in Wuhan.

By March of this year, YMTC received around 7 billion dollars in capital from the Chinese government, which it could use to reduce its dependence on American equipment and specialists. In fact the company is actively searching for Chinese suppliers of equipment that could compensate for American sanctions, and as well as establishing a system for attracting specialists with the required qualifications to service existing equipment. Among others, YMTC is looking for suppliers of electrostatic grippers, which are used to handle silicon wafers during processing. A Chinese company whose name hasn’t been revealed will become a YMTC partner, for the development of a custom-made flash memory. YMTC is attempting to attract companies from outside the United States to service its equipment.

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