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Choo-Choo Charles is going to a console mid 2023

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As soon as it’s revealed, Choo-Choo Charles gets a videogame release in 2023, according to two Star Games.

We already knew that Choo-Choo Charles was getting a console release but Two Star Games, aka solo developer Gavin Eisenbeisz, said that he was trying to achieve a mid-2023 release, sowohl on PlayStation and Xbox. He is still waiting for a switch release, but he’s considering bringing the open-world spidertrain game to other consoles.

It was announced via the YouTube channel Two Star Games, where he was pondering the future of the game, which is now available on PC. Eisenbeiszs also pointed out that you can buy the official Choo-Choo Charles plush toys, through MakeShip.com. Since there were knock-off Charles toys before the game was launched, he’s always doing the smart thing.

He planned to update the PC and console versions with new content. Don’t expect no new post-game ending, like Fallout 3, Broken Steel, but it may be no surprise that there will be some new side-missions. The internet has introduced Choo-Choo Charles to the masses, so you can bet that any new content will be used to its full potential.

But what about the sequel? Is there a Chio-Choo Charles 2 in the works? Eisenbeisz explained that it’s too early to talk about anything along those lines. Eventually, a choice of Karls 2 would emerge. To remark this, it will likely be possible to distinguish it enough from the original.

If you have not played Choo-Choo Charles, you’d better enjoy the prospect of being pursued by a murderous spider-legged train, you can take it on Steam. Moreover, if the Choo-Choo Charles Funko Pops can’t be far away, don’t forget the official plush toy.

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