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Cities: Skylines 2 doesn’t solely rely on population numbers for progression

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Cities Skylines 2 Milestones screenshot

Continuing the weekly series of development updates leading up to the launch of Cities: Skylines 2, Paradox and Colossal Order today gave dropped a deep dive into one of the sim’s many systems in play. This time, the developer offered a look into the city building and management game’s progression systems, both revamped and brand-new.

Returning from the original game are Milestones, letting players unlock new services, policies, and infoviews. However, instead of relying on population numbers like before, the sequel’s version relies on Expansion Points (XP). These are gathered by having a thriving and happy populace as well as improving the city with new buildings and road networks. This ensures that not every city must be a vast metropolis focused on population numbers.

“Our goal with this approach was to give you the freedom to create the city you want without requiring you to reach high population numbers or using the Unlock All function,” says Colossal Order. “If you want to build just a small town next to the International Airport or the ChirpX Space Center, then you’re able to do just that.”

Cities Skylines 2 Milestones screenshot

There are 20 Milestones to reach in every save, and each one rewards players with expansion permits to buy out more land, bonus money, new city services, policies, and management options. However, easily the most important Milestone reward players will receive would be Development Points.

Development Points are how the Development Tree can be navigated, which unlocks more and more advanced facilities for players in city services. As seen in the image above, some of the trees can branch out, making players pick and choose what to develop depending on their Development Point budgets.

“You may want to unlock the Wastewater Treatment Plant to avoid polluting your surface water sources as soon as possible, maybe you want access to Harbors to benefit from the map’s seaways, or perhaps you want to provide your citizens with more sources of leisure with Sports Parks,” adds the studio. “As you unlock all Milestones you receive enough Development Points to unlock everything, but you choose the order depending on what your city needs the most.”

There are only three development diaries left before Cities: Skylines 2 launches across PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 on October 24, 2023. Up next will be a deep dive into citizen simulation and their lifespans. Don’t forget that Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscribers will gain access to the title on day one for no extra cost as well.


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