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City building simulation from Germany with the final release

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The final release for Highrise City is almost finished. As per the report, FourExo and Deck 13 designate this project, the title will be released in September.

Highrise is a simulation of building complexes from Germany. The title was released in March 2022 in Early Access by FourExo and Deck 13. In July, the title was announced to celebrate its final release in 2023. Like the announcement was, the release is very close. Highrise City is going to leave on September 4th the early gate phase.

Release is accompanied by a new update.

Highrise wants to offer a modern combination of classic city buildings and complex economic systems based on resources. The users can build the city from one million inhabitants to 30,000 buildings. On the base of the population, it’s five layers, on the other hand, you have to manage 50 different resources. Up to 5,000 cars and up to 20 million pedestrians will be permitted each time. A city map shows up to two thousand and a half feet of traffic.

His city can be improved with new technologies and laws. If you don’t come with other cities, you can trade with them. Players can set difficulty without their own control. The developers also give help for mods and support the Steam workshop.

With the next release on September 4, 2023, the new update will also be released, which according to the developers will eclipse all previous improvements. FourExo previously announced public transport with buses, ground stations and power lines. In addition, missions with smaller stories and other features will be added to downtown.


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