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CMR 8TB 14TB 18TB hard disk (HDD) deals for NAS, Plex Server at unmissable prices

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Saiyan San


December 16, 2022 02:44 EST

Those looking for computer parts these days must be having a pretty good time compared to the situation two years ago. That’s because there have been some generally excellent deals on most computer parts thanks to recent Black Friday sales as well as Thanksgiving 2022. We’ve covered these deals on graphic cards (AMD’s Newest Toys Now Available at MSRP), ProcessorsAs well as storage components like CMR hard disks for NASand also External hard drives from WD. And now as we approach Christmas, the prices have dropped again (buying links below) After a quick rebound in between.

Seagate Exos 14TB

The deals come in the form of enterprise-grade Seagate Exos conventional magnetic recording (CMR) drives, which are especially good for heavy use. Get them at the links below:

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