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COD: Modern Warfare 2 level 1 mode isn’t a replacement for Hardcore, say frustrated players

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“Modern Warfare Second” introduced a ton of changes to the previously mastered Call of Duty. Some things were a pity, and one went wrong when it came to meeting expectations.

A major players criticism of the season 1, Reloaded update, especially the new Warzone Cup. The only thing that comes with a negative reaction is the level 1 mode.

COD: Modern Warfare 2 Class One critiquée.

The Tier 1 gaming machine was released on November 16, 2022, as an exciting place for those who love real life. As of now, however, the same players express their frustration in their implementation.


While the mode doesn’t promise a realistic experience, some find it a little overwhelming. You can’t see hit markers, crosshairs, kill confirmations, or even a kill feed. In a major case, there is almost no HUD.

It doesn’t make sense to give an enjoyable experience to the player. Some are calling this the worst mode in the entire game.

Look at Level 1 instead. I surprised half of the lobby won’t get kicked for inactivity. The people playing Tier 1, apparently, are afraid of moving. The game begins, everybody tries to his favorite corner and then throws some cricket. Nothing happened. Source

Out of existing issues, the mode is filled with campers or players who are just trying to complete their daily or weekly goals. The same old camping in the corner was trying to get a long shot trick.

The mod also has health regeneration, which is contrasted to its entire brand. What is the point of having automatic healing in a manner that will offer a difficult experience?

Tier 1 isn’t Hardcore.

The Hardcore mode was basically a harder version of the Cod Multiplayer present in the previous iterations of the series. As long as Tier 1 was announced, a comparison was begun with the OG Hardcore mode.


I also buy two games in the USA, in Multiplayer. It’s not hard and the cost of setting up an extra $200. Source

Third grade isn’t Hardcore. I think majority of us Hardcore players agree on that. Source

Unfortunately, the first time you can go to the level I, not as much love as Hardcore did. Players are now asking Infinity Ward to return the beloved game mode because its successor failed to impress the masses.

They will listen to players feedback and make necessary adjustments.

Be careful about that and update this story again, so it would reflect some noteworthy developments.

You can also find an updated version of our call of duty game.

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