COMMENT: Warzone 2 RPK & Fennec 45 are reportedly overpowered. Players want to become nerfs?


A sequel to The Call of Duty: Warzone, which is a popular title in the free-to-play game fighting royale genre.

Activision and Infinity Ward were successful at attracting many gamers in the competition due to the integration of the game and its cross-platform and progression support.

Compared to other players, they can improve the game on some major platforms, such as Windows, Playstation, and Xbox.

The developers recently released a season 1: Reloaded update for the game, resetting some known bugs in the Battle Royale and DMZ games, and removing some major changes in the game.


For example, the Heavy chopper was disabled and the number of Battle stations increased as a battle royale match.

However, like any game popular in a battle-royale genre, Warzone 2 suffers from various issues, especially occasional bugs.

With some overpowering weapons available to choose from, players are now facing different issues.

Warzone 2 RPK and Fennec 45 machine guns overpowered.

Numerous gamers are facing difficulties while opponents have some of the machine guns available in the game.

According to one,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 the RPK LMG is heavier than it should be. Gamers claim that this weapon is a high speed weapon and allows precise long-range shots, which wasn’t supposed to be the case.

This made the other players vulnerable for a huge damage when the bullet hit them. The weapon’s necklight is very floppy, making it easy for anyone to fight their opponents with an extremely high aim precision.


I played fortnite after 2 days, and after the game I was tired of rpk/fennec meta and other issues (laggy server, disconnects, dev errors).please: @Activision say something to confirm this. Source

There are more useful weapons, thus they should fire the RPK. Source

Well, the RPK machine offers all the advantages and disadvantages of other gamers that comes with the weapon and a disadvantage over the player’s.

We had also covered an earlier story in which players found out that a sniper rifle was more expensive than it ought to be. According to the games, oneshoot kills aren’t allowed, like one rifle can usually do.

You must have shot repeatedly at the target for the purpose of ending the game, which made the game unfair for others.

Some players (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) report that the Fennec 45 machine gun is also overpowered. It is better suited for use in close combat scenarios.

But the players are also complaining about the weapons’ accuracy, which makes it difficult to fight those equipped.


Legit. RPK and fennec and then we are good. Literally unnecessary to make a game, only two guns were the best choice to use. Source

RPK is not the problem. Did you see an enviable ttk of the fennec close range? This laser is literally a problem. Source

Some people find the Fennec 45 harder than the RPK machine gun.

Players demanding nerfed RPK and Fennec 45 weapons requires.

The players get annoyed because they make it easy for players to kill others, making it difficult for them to play. Some players are upset with the problem, due to the fact that they lose their gaming experience.

Some people took to social media to find out what happened to them. They sought to see the power of both weapons nerfed in the game.


This would give everyone an enjoyable gameplay experience.

We hope the developers will consider listening to players requests and adjust both weapons power.

We will keep tabs on those issues where players complain that the Warzone 2 games RPK and Fennec 45 games are overpowered and update it when we are looking to find out a new one.

The Featured Image Source: Warzone 2 and Duty.

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