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Confirmed the final of Henry Cavill, the superman, is sealed

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It’s finally over. In a clearly stating post-instagram statement, Henry Cavill announced goodbye to his role as Superman in the (silly) DC Extended Universe. This isn’t the first time to come to the conclusion that a sequel to Man of Steel (2013) will not be able to come to a guest with him. Rumors have circulated over the past few days and weeks about whether Henry Cavill is going to have a future at DC, or if filmmaker James Gunn (Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy) has been reorienting himself as the new decision-maker. Now clarity is finally here.

The superman still gets priority, but without Henry Cavill.

Recently, James Gunn, the newly elected CEO of the new DC Studios, confirmed that Superman continues to be the highest priority of DC, if not the highest. The fact that he avoided the name of the actor who has played the iconic superhero for the past 10 years was striking. In the meantime, there is apparently a meeting between Henry Cavill, James Gunn and Peter Safran, who also boarded DC as its new CEO.

After that, a shocking news released on his Instagram channel that Henry Cavill has been missing for this meeting. The British actor said I won’t go back home. He expressed respect for this decision. James Gunn and Peter Safran have the daunting task of creating a new cinematic universe for them, and he’s just not a part of that.

Witcher is over, Henry Cavill was forgiving.

He had just taken a break from watching the movie The Witcher, which became much popular in the past few weeks. The same time, he officially announced his return as a Superman in the cinema. He makes a statement that soon. This studio told me in October that the whole action was very sad, though. But life like that is life, writes Henry Cavill.

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Nevertheless, he denies he’s looking for a vast settlement with DC. The former witcher and petty man is resentful. I wish everyone who is part of the new DC Universe just the best and all the happiness on earth, said Henry Cavill in his statement. Thus, it has been established that the post-credits scene in Black Adam starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson was Henry Cavills final appearance as Superman.

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