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Cosplay line-ups from around the world can act as stunning cosplays

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The Zurich Pop Con andamp; Game Show, on the 30 and 1st September and the 1st October at Messe Zurich shows a lot of things about pop culture and impress with a cosplay line-up.

The Zurich Pop Day Show, the largest pop culture festival in the autumn, will take place on October 30 and 2323 at the Zurich trade fair. Visitors can see European, American, and Asian pop culture in a colourful mix. This year’s cosplay team is impressive, and a large cosplay village stands out.

Every country has a different group of cultures.

The Zurich Popcon & Game Show, which is also taking place at the Zurich Pop Show.

We managed to extend our offering with national and international star guests from the cosplay scene.

Some names are named as Maul Cosplay from Germany who could easily be confused with Henry Cavill in his Geralt of Rivia cosplay, Valentine Moon aus England which carries breathtaking ball gowns or the equally internationally successful one Nadya Sonika from Mexico.

The organizers welcome persons from Switzerland, among others Stylouz Cosplay, Population, Tania de Andrade, Secret Geek, etc. The internationally famous photographer, Andreas Krupa aka the cosplay artist, shouldn’t miss the award. Numerous stars went into his face.

Cosplay Contests als Highlights.

This year and in each of the two days of the festival, cosplay contests will also be held. On Saturday national and international cosplayers compete to present their cosplay with a thrilling performance. On Sunday the stage belongs to the newcomers.

That’s not the case but a cosplay contest starts on stage. Even before the big show, the participants and the jury meet to evaluate the costumes. The international jury examines the consequences of this competition closely and takes a second place. For example, it checks the material, the workmanship, and the overall impression. The costume rating represents fifty percent of the overall rating.

The remaining fifty percent of the points come from the great performance. The most frequent attraction is one of many visitors. Visitors can admire the artistic performances every day at 2 p.m. on the main stage.

The exhibition is in the town of Cosplay.

The cosplays present their costumes, props and photos in the cosplay community besides the contests. A highlight of the classic artwork and an animated movie that remade the Marvel universe by artist Jarvis Creator from France. The Cosplay Village offers visitors the wonderful opportunity to explore the nature of playing a game and speak with cosplayers. They share their deep knowledge of 3D printing, fabric selection, performance or photography with interested visitors in their workshop.

The competition at the park is a great way to explore a wealth of other cultural matters. Although many fans come dressed in the cosplay costume, there isn’t a guarantee of wearing a costume, and many visitors come dressed like normal everyday clothes.

The organizers recommend buying tickets at See Tickets in advance and traveling by public transport.

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