Cossacks II: Battle for Europe – Units Mods and AI Pitch

Cossacks II: Battle for Europe - Units Mods and AI Pitch

This patch will modifications Ai bahaviour they will now focus further on harvesting meals then mining solely stone and picket after which promote surplus of thease property for iron coal and gold.

They might even put together further troops.

And take care of teaching heavy cavalry.

Fixed bugged Rein,Spain, and Poland AI

All completely different nations improved

Game Changes :

Ai will now use guards squads in battle for europe

Ai canons won’t journey in opponents squads instead the need shot on nearest enemy.

Cheaper Barracks and metropolis services for nation whose costed quite a few gold

cheaper egyptians stables

palace worth 500 gold instead of 1200

All nations can assemble mills

All guards items in the meanwhile are increased then widespread ones and may obtain experience

Hight value of Egyptians guards items decreashed

British voltigeour worth 4 iron 1 gold (2 gold is to lots compared with others which dont worth gold nevertheless solely iron)

British musketeer coal conzuption set to 5.

Prussian fusilier worth 25 meals instead of fifty

Elite cavalry worth 100 iron instead of 130

Changed value of Egyptians ,British and Reins upgrades (to be further afordable for AI)

(There is a couple of warning message whereas starting game merely ignore it game works correctly)



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