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Cotton Fantasy came to PC under its more important Japanese title

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Keep some Willow from your vacation!

Success Corporation announced that it will launch a PC port for modern cute-em-up Cotton Fantasy in January 2023. Continuing the same theme as the previous release of PS4 and Nintendo Switch, the colorful shmup will go on Steam under the popular name of Japan like Cotton Rock n Roll!

A project by studio Saizensen, intended to coincide with the 30th anniversary, the titular witch, working in the battle to complete his own game of broomsticks and monster-blasting as she enters the skies for 10-serial ed-pew-inspired work. Our mop-topped hero isn’t alone, and players can choose from all kinds of classic characters and guest stars like Appli, Ria, Fina, Kawase, Luffee. Don’t forget to help Cotton make silk the sexy space fairy Silk.

In addition to a new story mode, full of shenanigans and candy, Cotton Rock n Roll will feature a handy Training Mode, allowing players to practice their skills on a particularly difficult part of the adventure. Online leaderboards allow the best witches to make an accurate picture of their highest times and scores. Even though I’ll admit that the concept of a 100% Cotton franchise that will become a back-to-back in the 2020s, it seems to be quite well-received as a moment of tense anticipation, these long-forgotten franchises are slowly being slammed by the stars, after decades.

Cotton Rock n Roll launches on PC on January 5, 2023. This is available now on PS4 and Nintendo Switch as Cotton Fantasy.


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