Cotton Fantasy comes to PC on January 5, 2023


The companies announced that the publisher SUCCESS Corporation and Studio Saizensen will release playbacks to give up cotton fantasy for PC via Steam on January 5, 2023, under its Japanese title, Cotton Rock n Roll.

Cotton Fantasy was released on December 31, 2021 for PlayStation 4 and Switch, followed by the worldwide release on May 20, 2022.

Here’s a game overview – by the steam page -.


The original beautiful girl side-scrolling shooter is back! This painting marks the 30th anniversary of Cotton’s Cotton series.

This brand-new game starring six iconic playsable characters, and stars from other games. Each character has different mechanics and attacks, meaning you can choose between different playstyles and find the right match! While staying true to the iconic Cotton style, new modes include Psyvariars Buzz or Sanveins Time Mode.

Try the cheapest route and complete all 10 stages by selecting one of the three best tracks. Once all of the time was finished, new selective stages will soon be released.

Key Features

  • Operation One lever with two buttons (shot/short-shot).
  • Various Characters
    • Cotton is an antipode of the series. Long press on a gun, magic.
    • Appli Character is in the series Cotton 2. You can use magic like Cotton, and catch enemies with a special shot!
    • Ria A new character in Psyvariar. When he snatches an enemy’s bullet, it BUZZs and strengthens her.
    • New character based on the idea of Sanvein. The system will be changed to a timed system.
    • Kawase Umihara Kawase is a shooter now? Special shots are important. They can take enemies and put them into their backpacks.
    • One is the heroine of Doki Poyacchio! She turned into a laser character.
  • 16 stages in total Chocify your favorite route in the selecting and clear all 10 stages. When all the stages are cleared, new selectable stages will be released.
  • Various Modes
    • Two-seat-rich fish: two-weeks-long or five-year-old. Full-voiced events will liven up the story before and after every stage.
    • Mode of training You can repeat a stage that you have already played many times.
    • Leaderboards are available online and offline.
    • Options Identify the key and language.


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