Could Wrestling Legend Hulk Hogan Make a Sensational Return at WrestleMania 40?

According to recent reports, the legendary Hulk Hogan was offered a return bout for WrestleMania 39 but declined because to his health. Hogan, who has been open about his career-long battle with ailments and surgeries, recently stated his wish to officially retire in a match. The wrestling great, whose last in-ring performance was at a non-televised TNA Wrestling event 11 years ago, said he felt stronger than ever and wouldn’t rule out another WrestleMania match, perhaps even with fellow legend ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.

Hogan said that Shane McMahon approached him about making a comeback at the Hollywood event last month during an interview on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. McMahon offered a matchup in which Hogan would do nothing but stand in the center of the ring while McMahon performed his signature techniques. Hogan thanked them for the offer but said his back required immediate medical treatment. He was open to explore the issue further next year, though. The idea of a retirement match appeals to him, and he thinks it might be worked into a plot between Shane and his father, Vince McMahon.

Hogan, who will turn 70 in August, stressed that he is open to considering all of his alternatives. He told McMahon he needed a few more months to get back into shape and that they should talk about it again in a few years. But Hogan’s ultimate ideal scenario is a fight with Stone Cold Steve Austin, who he never got to face during his Hollywood Hulk Hogan days. Hogan thinks he and Austin would have made for a thrilling bout despite the fact that they are both old and in poor shape. While he hasn’t brought up the subject with Austin, he did say that he’d be the perfect fight if Austin decided to return to the ring.

In conclusion, Hogan said that he was aware of the dangers of fighting again at his advanced age and after so much time had passed, but that he could not ignore the appeal of one last unforgettable match. While the door remains open for one more epic clash, the wrestling icon is currently focused on mending his back and considering his future choices.

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