Courtney Love was surprised to be fired from Fight Club


Courtney Love shared her memories of an unfulfilled involvement in the Fight Club. According to her, she had to play Marla, but was fired after the project by Brad Pitt.

Pitt was set to star in a biopic about Loves’ ex-husband and Nirvana musician Kurt Cobain. Gus Van Sant could have directed. For Love, it was not acceptable, so she refused.

I woke up just recently. Who the fuck do you think you’re? I don’t know if I can trust you and besides, I’m not certain that you do it for profit. This is a good social film, but If you don’t understand me, then you don’t know Kurt, you remember a conversation with Pitt Love.

One of Variety’s sources denied Loves statement: she allegedly did audition, but she didn’t tell him the role that she had been assigned to them:

You can’t be fired from a job you didn’t get. Everyone knows that directors are not actors.

The news about Courtneys’s dismissal was told by her former partner, Edward Norton. He played the main role in the tape. Gus Van Sant did, with Michael Pitt, a biopic about Cobain The Last Days.


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