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Creative to get the world’s first portable TWS headphones released with MEMS speakers

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The American company xMEMS predicts a revolution in the headphones too quickly it’ll be able to switch from standard diffusers to silicon MEMS speakers. Creative has promised the first novelty will soon be announced. It has a famous reputation in sound cards for PCs. It’ll happen before the end of the year. I hope it’s beautiful. This isn’t the first time the developer has announced the construction of a massive volume amplifier with MEMS speakers.

One of the options is for headphones with MEMS speakers. Image Source: xMEMS Labs.

Creative is excited to partner with xMEMS Labs to integrate their innovative MEMS technology in our TWS products, said Song Siow Hui, CEO of Creative Technology in Singapore. That will make our products stand out on the market by delivering exceptional sound quality, comfort and style to our customers.

This is the first in 2020 of silicon speakers made up of xMEMS labs. The production of MEMS speakers (don’t be distorted) was reported in 2021. The well-known Taiwanese company TSMC did that, since the manufacture of MEMS speakers does not differ much from the manufacture of chips from silicon-based substrates. The first person to release sound-free headphones, as described by xMEMS Labs as the development standard, was promised by Inventec Appliances Corp. (IAC). Even though they weren’t available, they were never ever offered. So Creative has the opportunity to become the first to use headphones with silicon speakers.

Each xMEMS Multimedia Speaker is 1mm thick. According to the developer, they will become delight for the ears of musicians. The company delivers sound that is exceptional for a sound performance that is flawless with unprecedented precision. The headphones will significantly improve spatial sound with more detail and separation thanks to the exceptional phase matching of these drivers, which is claimed to be seven times better than conventional plastic or paper cone drivers.

Advertising hype aside, xMEMS claims a single-way driver that can be run faster than 15%. Each speaker has six zonal membranes in each section, corresponding to each section of the frequency response. In the declared frequency range each speaker produces a sound pressure of over 110 dB (the prototype showed 115 dB). Silicon speakers are insensitive to water and dust, and are less costly to use than traditional speakers.

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