Creature Lab will make you a One-Man Umbrella Corporation


Creature Lab, coming later this year, gives us big Umbrella Corporation energy and was definitely here for that.

Or, more accurately, it seems like, there was a chance the Umbrella Corporation was made up of one deranged person. It’s clear that the company of Image Powers created a Creature Lab, a game like Frankenstein. But the aims of your protagonist are far from Mary Shellys creation. You’ve already created life, now you’ve unleashed it on the world.

Try to get the best out of DNA, by grafting flesh-shredding bodies to their creations and more. If your laboratory went well, or it could not be a serious clean, though it was clear that the health authority didn’t leave it all that much. Maybe there could be a food quality rating, but for underground labs with secret.

Your aim is to turn the whole world into mutated creatures that are totally under your direct control. Its a beautiful goal: Albert Wesker is a proud man, but there’s a snag. Since you are a smarter person, it’s also more likely for the government to try to invade your lab you know, to stop you from conquering humanity. They’re selfish.

It’s also the responsibility of spotting the nightmarish test and showing that you don’t make too much noise. Were wondering if there’s a stage where you can’t just take your lab’s orbit, according to Racoon City.

Creature Lab is going to come on PC later this year, so as to attain global dominance your ambitions could be delayed. But you could wish you to play the game with Steam here and take a demo. Now, if you excuse us, we’ll have a bad laugh to practice.


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