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Creatures Guide – Forgive Me Father

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By 弓矢八幡会

Unofficial introducing the creatures from FPS game Forgive Me Father

Since the translation is immature, I use machine translation a lot, but please forgive me.


A pitiful corpse possessed by the devil.

When these monsters, who retain the remnants of their time as humans, discover the priest (you), they approach with an eerie growl and attack with scratches and beatings. Since the prime field is human, the durability is low, but since it tends to attack in groups, let’s deal with it while keeping an appropriate distance.

There is also an individual called “Naked Wretched” in the subspecies of Letched. This is backward compatible with low physical strength (second image)

Fat Fish

An ugly, green and fat merman.

Fat Fish walks slowly on the field, and when he sees the priest (you), he shoots three green rays from his cane. The orbit of the ray itself is monotonous, but if you encounter it in a narrow area, it will be difficult to avoid it, so try to deal with it while moving from side to side.

Also, when a fat fish is destroyed, only its upper body may separate and attack. Since the upper body operates until the fat fish’s physical strength is exhausted, it may receive unexpected damage (second image).


A monster mimicking a drum can.

Kamikaze is usually enshrined as an explosive object, but when the priest (you) approaches, he reveals a strange identity with limbs and launches an attack that self-destructs with the priest. Explosion damage can be very difficult, so try to attack and destroy it the moment Kamikaze reveals himself.


An eerie monster that means “cleaner”.

Compared to traditional aggressive creatures, the slow-moving Liquidator shoots a green laser beam at the priest (you). This ray is similar to the fat fish mentioned above, but it should be noted that it will be knocked down in a blink of an eye if it is continuously attacked due to its large damage.

Also, if the tank of the device to which the Liquidator is attached is destroyed, it will become a Melted Liquidator dissolved in the contents of the tank and attack. The algorithm is the same as the above-mentioned Retched, it is to hit close and hit, but be careful not to lose power because it is durable.

Squad leader

A frontline commander who leads a unit of monsters.

The squat leader, a superior species of Liquidator mentioned above, often appears with several Liquidators who are his subordinates in an attempt to kill the priest (you). His attack algorithm is similar to Liquidator, but the high-speed shooting from the two rifles he has in his hand quickly erodes his strength. It has high durability, so try to deal with it while moving, not just in one place.


A half-fisherman who boasts a huge body.

When the strange Ide’s Fisher discovers the priest (you), he throws the fish he picks up from a medium to long distance. This fish is full of explosives and is designed to explode after hitting or after a certain period of time. Fisher, who meets in a small area, is dangerous, but if he can use his bomb in the case of being surrounded by enemies, it will be possible to involve a large number of enemies.


A person who embodies inner madness.

At first glance, it looks like a harmless psychiatric patient in a straitjacket, but when the priest (you) approaches or attacks, it becomes a horrifying two-headed monster and attacks.

The patient’s attack algorithm is eccentric, when you add a scratching attack with a key claw to it, it goes far away and returns to a harmless existence, but it is high when the durable patient returns to a harmless existence. It can be said that this is a chance to hit a powerful firearm and kill it all at once.


lurking An indescribable existence.

WORLD1 The boss that appears in “BOSS”.

Ca’tharsis usually sleeps in the dark basement of a mental hospital, but when he confirms the approach of the priest (you), he reveals its abominable giant figure. This monster has various means to blame and harass you, such as “shooting an eyeball with a tracking function”, “shock wave to flick this off”, “diffusion of seeds with a land mine function”, etc. There is no such thing.

The only way to capture Ca’tharsis is to move around while attacking. Fortunately, Ca’tharsis’s giant body is large enough to reduce the number of missed shots. After that, while being careful not to be hit directly by the attack, there is no choice but to attack until this monster is killed.


A monster roaming the graveyard.

When a ghoul, who looks strange like a wooden puppet, finds a priest (you), he hits him with a tombstone or a coffin he got. These ghoul weapons act as shields to protect them and provide a strong defense against our attacks. Fortunately, the movement is slow, so the usual way is to attack and kill it accurately while keeping a distance.

Dark Bone

An evil ghost lurking in the fog.

When the Dark Bone, which has the ability to make it transparent, senses the existence of the priest (you), it sneaks up silently and tries to tear it apart with its key claws. The Dark Bone is virtually invincible when it disappears, but the moment it attacks you, it becomes invisible, so that’s the only chance to defeat this ghost.


A cursed altar that enshrines the evil god.

This eerie object does not directly harm the priest (you). However, it has the terrifying ability to summon two creatures indefinitely, so be careful as you will be overwhelmed by a number of violence in a blink of an eye if you are not careful. Martyr itself does not move and remains seated, so use a powerful weapon to quickly destroy it.

If you defeat Martyr, the summoned creatures will disappear immediately.

Yellow Cultist

A cult believer who worships the evil god.

A cultist dressed in a uniquely designed robe creates a light bulb from his hand and throws it when he discovers the priest (you). This photosphere has a tracking function and will continue toward you until it disappears after a certain period of time. It is important to note that after shooting a certain amount of light bulbs, the cultist tends to warp far away, allowing continuous attacks of the light bulbs at a distance.

Sewer Creature

A merman who hides in pollution and aims for prey.

Sewer Creature usually dives in swamps, but when he learns of the existence of a priest (you), he appears from the surface of the water and makes a powerful scratch attack. Creatures are invincible during dives, so it’s a good idea to attack them with a powerful weapon such as a shotgun the moment they appear.

Swamp Man

A mad man lurking in a swamp.

The algorithm is the same Swampman as Sewer Creature mentioned above, but the moment he appears, he throws a stone crusher like a shotgun at the priest (you). It is necessary to be careful about this stone crushing, including its wide hit range and high speed.

Sewer Cultist

A cult believer who worships evil gods who lives in swamps.

The algorithm is the same as the yellow cultist mentioned above, but it is dangerous to fight with the cultist in swamps where visibility and movement are restricted due to the fast shooting speed of the photosphere and the short gap after firing. It has become a thing.


A bizarre predator that devours its victims.

It usually mimics a plant in the area, but when the priest (you) approaches, it approaches with an eerie growl. Gobbler’s attack method is to hit the tentacles like a whip, but since it is effective even from a medium range, you will be subject to unexpected continuous attacks, so it is better to destroy it quickly.


A monster that fuses humans and crabs.

Dressed in a sturdy armor-like shell, this Crab-man throws a bomber in his hand at the priest (you) with precise control. The algorithm is the same as Fisher mentioned above, but it is so durable that it will be a very annoying enemy if it appears in multiples.


A cult leader who worships the evil god.

WORLD2 The boss that appears in “BOSS”.

Aziz, who sits down from the throne overlooking the priest (you), leads a large number of cultists and launches an attack. His main attack method is “light bulbs that spread to multiple”, but when his physical strength decreases, he summons a “barrier that takes away physical strength when touched” throughout the area. This barrier is a difficult thing, and you have to fight while avoiding the light ball emitted by Aziz and the attacks of the cultists, so you will be forced to fight extremely busy.

In addition, Azyzz has a shield that nullifies all attacks, and in order to unlock it, all Shield Altars installed in the area must be destroyed (second image).

Even if the Shield Altar is destroyed, it will be restored after a certain period of time, and at the same time, the shield of Azyzz will be re-installed, so be sure to remember the position of the alternator in advance.

True Believer

Residents of a village that worships evil spirits.

With eerily glowing yellow eyes and armed with a noisy pickfork, True Believers attacks the priest (you) as a dead man, chanting “Kill the unbelievers!” And “Sacrifice!”. True Believers are slow-moving and very poorly durable, but be aware that they can appear in incredible hordes like the area “FOREST”.

The sight of countless yellow glowing eyes fluttering from the other side of the dark forest will leave an eerie impression on the player’s mind (second image).

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