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Crunchyroll: 5 anime tips for winter season 2023

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New year is coming and so will the anime season. As of last year, we wish to recommend to several anime series for winter 2023 that you definitely keep eye on Crunchyroll in the coming months. In our seven titles list we focus primarily on promising new releases as well as one or two possible hits.

Kaina of the Great Snow Sea (UMN) (Kaina)

Start: 11 January 2023

At the feet of the clouds, some of the last remaining humans live in a small settlement. One of them is young Kaina, who, because of his youthful vitality, must regularly hunt for other people. On this hunt, a fateful encounter occurs with a girl who looks like the beginning of a huge adventure.

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The book Kaina of the Great Snow Sea is the latest of the polygon Pictures – Blame, and is currently in action by Hiraki Andou (Ajin). Since we were able to preview the first four episodes, we can tell you that it’s an exciting fantasy adventure, which boasts a rich world and a sympathetic duo of main characters. Here you can watch our preview.

NH: Automata ZV: DZ (OmP + DE)

Beginn: 21 October 2023

The last people who had been retreated from Earth had to resign after an alien invasion. After many years, some androids are being sent to the surface to recover the world for humans. One of them is 2B, who stumbles upon various mysteries as part of his journey that will test what she has previously believed.

The remake of the PlatinumGames hit, NieR: Automata Ver1.1a will likely be one of the defining events of the winter season. The series, which, essentially, will tell a independent story, is being produced by A-1 Pictures. If you lack the sceptical skill for sci-fi adventures with narrative depth, shouldn’t miss this title!

Revenger (OmU)

Start: 5 January 2023

This story is about the murderer of the master, Yuen Usui, who is a tasked man. He studied while searching for a killer, Raizo Kurima. Both men decide to join forces to fight for justice on the innocent and to seek revenge. But how can they survive so long as they reach their goals?

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With Revenger, you can expect an original anime from the studio Ajia-do Animation Works (Izetta: The Last Witch) that underpins Gen Urobuchi, among others, as a screenwriter. Urobuchi has proved his talent countless times in the past with titles like the Puella Magica or the Pozo-Pass. His latest work should appeal to those of you who have a personal interest in a classic, bloody revenge story.

Legend of the heroes: a Revolution of Cold Steel Northern War (OmU)?

2nd January 2023.

Lavian Winslet belongs to the poorest region of Zemuria, North Ambria. To protect the country and to better understand her family’s name, she volunteers for a Northern Jaegers military unit. Our young protagonist is faced with a risky special operation that will require the squad to use everything they learned during training.

There’s a video game adaptation for the winter season, built on the same name called The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. The anime series, designed by the traditional studio Tatsunoko Production, focuses on Lavian, a new main character. It tells how the games are played. There’s a true action highlight, with well-developed characters and an interesting conflict in our head.

Tomo-chan is a girl. (OmU + DE)

Start: 4 January 2023.

Aizawa is a rapid-witted girl who, at the beginning of this story, feels like she’s a hard-working man to admit that her love to his crush of Jun is truly overheard. Unfortunately, she doesn’t feel like the penny, because his confession completely goes wrong. As for his friend, he hasn’t even noticed that his friend is a girl. Can the two of them have a future together?

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If you could use some change from that original anime series, we’d also recommend a romantic comedy with Tomo-chan Is a girl. The video production that is started by the artist Jon Goms, is known for his heroine. You won’t get caught up with this series if you want to romance in the cold winter.

A trigun stamp-edo (OmU + DE)

Before: 7 January 2023

Vash the Stampede has very little reward, but his head is full. Anyone who has a notorious gunman, who has the right to spread chaos anywhere, gets up to 60 million double dollars. The two insurance agents Meryl and Milly smell much more than the big bucks here, but they never expected that Vash would really hurt everyone’s hair. He isn’t as caring as the drunk daredevil appears, but he has a tragic past.

The anime classic returns 100% renewed with Trigun Stampede. The studio in Orange based in CGI, is the design of a new space western cult title by Kenji Muto (Garo: The Animation). However, since the announcement was announced, the new design and the fresh look of the main character have cooled tempers, so we can expect an ambitious project. It is anticipated to be exciting because the creators bring the stories of the Vashs to an anime new generation.

Season Two of Vinland Saga (OmU + DE)

Start: 16:00 o’clock 9 Jan 2023

After the turbulent events that took place towards the end of Season 1, our protagonist became a slave. It is his punishment for assaulting the new King Canute after he robbed the protagonist of his meaning in life at least in his eyes. The former Viking warrior now needs a new purpose as a slave on a farm. An decisive step in his future career within the story.

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We also have a sequel to the last of the two-seventh season of Vinland Saga. The next section, Thorfinns: the new universe that adapts the slave Arc to the manga template, is an important part of the story’s character development. A sequel to the anime series was already characterized by its multifaceted main characters. Likewise, if you liked the exploration of human nature in it, you can’t avoid it. We’re here for the first time in the year 2023!

What new anime series do you want to watch in the winter 2023?

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