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Crypto companies sued over Pokemon NFT game, and somehow didn’t see it coming

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Most old-school Pokemon fans around the world know you don’t want to go in legal battle with The Pokemon Company. You’ll lose forever. The reason is that most loyal players fearing even making fan games surrounding the popular franchise, as some know that The Pokemon Company is going to come and bring you down with lawsuits. Although some crypto experts in Australia decided to get rid of the idea of making a Pokemon NFT game, it would be agreed that it’s an official game, created in cooperation with The Pokemon Company, and they are now getting exactly what everybody would expect.

Kotiota Studios recently built a Pokemon-inspired NFT game called Pokeworld. Players can also buy Pokemon such as Pokémon wie Pikachu, Eevee, and all genone starters. This isn’t at all a idea, but the Kotiota Studios hoped to take off the Pokemon reputation, and to buy a free-billion dollars from this game.

On December 21 The Pokemon Company brought Pokemon Pty Ltd (aka Kotiota Studios), to court for its first hearing because of the lack of a name and franchise for a massive sale of their NFT project. This may appear as a result of the fake Pokemon NFT project. There was evidence that nobody who showed up to defend his actions against the Australian authorities.

After looking at the official site of Kotiota Studios, most would be surprised by the spread of lies by the creators of the Pokeworld NFT project. They described their involvement in the newly released Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. KOTIOTA is involved in game design and animation. They claim that they are also one of The Pokemon Company (Japan)’s list of contractor partners, whose extensive range of animation and game environment development, which, together with the help of the court case, is completely false.


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