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CS2 players baffled by their decision to abandon obvious game modes feature

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The vamp for expansion of the free-for-all feature, allowing gamers to choose whatever weapon they want, has left players questioning the sceptics today.

Right now, counter-attackers can only use the guns that correspond to their teams. It means players hoping to train their AK-47 spray have to wait for space on the side of the road.

Players are asking Valve to change the deathmatch system so that any weapon in the lobby is used. The current setup is particularly egregious, players said on Sept. 23, because communities map in CS:GO already give gamers this freedom; something Valve must consider, too.

Since successfully a kill has arrived, o’clock has retaked the deathmatch version to CS2, it failed to bring all the health and ammunition replenishment back into account. Many community servers use the tick rate.

The Gamers named Deathmatch servers fundamentally wrong and claim that being restricted to certain weapons makes no sense, so that players even claiming its perfect example of Valve simply naive.

Countless players used community servers over deathmatch variety, and it seems, if they return, people won’t touch CS2s official servers again. The two players were flocking to FACEIT after seeing differences between Valves servers and alternate counterparts. If community servers come back, we might see players again avoid the official lobbies.

Valve can reconsider its deathmatch approach. As soon as it comes, the CS2s will come up. In the past few weeks, the devs have released many updates, so they think they’re committed to the pursuit of that path.

With the full release coming up, we could be looking ahead for major changes soon.

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