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Cult of the Lamb releases the first major content update, adding to its followers in Penguin and Lion

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The video game studio Massive Monster shared a blog post for Cult of the Lamb on Steam. The post about the first major content update for Cult of the Lamb, and the new Follower Forms were announced. The players play the title as they follow the names of the Penguin and the Lion, while participating streams are directing them to the winners until January 5, 2023.

Follower Forms are new skins that you can give to followers that you convert on your quest to spread your cult. Besides new Follower Forms, the major update is expected to include corrections and improvements based on feedback. The Lamb gains new moves, including heavy weapons. With the button on the Attack, players can use the Heavy Attack, which could knock a lot of enemies back in one smash. Each weapon has a variant of the Heavy Attack; the Heavy Attack for the Axe lets the Lamb throw the weapon at the enemies and return to him like a Boomerang. Heavy Attack: The Dagger summons several Daggers that drop in line.

In the blog post, the games will take the stand as an update. The new features will expand the level of depth, the difficulty and the accessibility of the game. With this update, you’ll better understand the quality of life of the titles, it will hopefully improve the quality of life. The blog also suggested that rematches with old foes will include new features, and hints at something new happening with the Barbatos. The developers did not share when fans can expect the release of the major update, but they claim that game will receive patches at the beginning of the new year.

The Cult of Lamb is a roguelike game that follows the story of a possessed Lamb who has to create loyal following for his new god named The One Who Waits. The game was well-respected for its colorful and horrible character imagery, and sold around 1 million copies.

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