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Cyberpunk 2077 Fan – Forked Body Mods – Adds Edgerunners-Inspired Kits

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We’re told that in Night City, the looks are all right – and then you have the look. Unfortunately, the character creator at the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 was unconsciously awesome, thereby allowing us to all look like we would aspire to. Although various updates have address these issues, there’s still a fairly bare lack of body modifications available – at least in the vanilla game.


But now, with a modder we can create a V which throws itself into the wild and over-the-top aesthetics of Night City. This portable cyberware is used to add to the list of new character options, looking like something straight out of the Edgerunners anime. From the metallic stomachs to the technical socks, there’s no limit to what V will do in the name of fashion, thus allowing you to explore the body transformation scene in cyberpunk.

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There are a number of different packs available, all by Nexus Mods user AnruiMurasaki. As you can see in the report, all of them are inspired by the different characters. Some recent additions, like Lucy and Rebecca’s cyberware, are among the most recent one seen in the Edgerunners.

There are also other games that create a variety of cyberware inspired by Rogue and Kerry in the base game, allowing them to steal their look.

In reality, if you just want to play as Lucy, AnruiMurasaki has a mod that recreates her entire look in this game as quickly as possible. V looks like the netrunner without hair, make-up, and clothing options added.

There are all types of Vs here, so dive in and look for yourself. You still have more time for your character to look perfect, although the DLC will not start until next year.

For those of us on consoles, there will be more customization options in the near future, especially after the popularity of Edgerunners. But we have all the more we have, the jacket and the weapons, so don’t get too fast.

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