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Cyberpunk 2077 lets you abandon Phantom Liberty entirely. For that purpose, you can easily see if you want to live a campaign of Phantom Liberty

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The campaign of Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty is an intense, high-octane spy thriller. The twists and turns turn your toes over until the end. If that sounds too much for you to handle, CD Projekt also offered an easy way of saying no, thank you and leave it, for good.

Although it turns out, Phantom Liberty has an arrow-shaped option which allows you to ditch its campaign entirely. If the goings get tough and you don’t want to participate in the story, you can walk away, if you don’t even get one more confirmation. The expansion happens pretty early, but first glance, this is a well-known post about my reflection in Lucretia.

After having met with Solomon Reed as portrayed by Idris Elba, you will go back to speak with the NUS president Rosalind Myers. Those who are dating will discuss whats happening so far in Dogtown, with some insidious speculation about another force behind the scenes.

Towards this point, Myers and Reed will ask V to continue on and help with their mission to find Songbird. In the normal fashion, you would have signed up for this gig. But you have the option to resign them.

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Hit the bricks.

If you chose your right, then you’ll lose it, and both sides will doubt your motivation. Myers reminds you that Songbird helped V search for a cure for the Relic and that NUSA helps V if they offer their help in return.

Again with Made my decision and congratulations, you’ve failed the mission and now you’re locked out of the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty campaign. This pulls you from the quest, and cancels any future opportunities.

I tried my hand and now you’ll get to Phantom Liberty completely. You still can save an old clock and then choose other options, but now, if you can move on to that point, you can’t do any more of the mainline Phantoms in the Liberty. This also restricts you to a new ending added to the expansion, too.

As per the PC Gamer reports, you’ll receive a text update several days after your written release from Reed, confirming that your mutual acquaintance made it safe. And then he removes himself from his contacts. If so, be careful.

While I don’t know why anyone would do that, I appreciate that that it’s here. Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty joins Far Cry 4 in simple nah; Im good choices to just have peace and end the game before the drama starts.

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