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Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Everything You Need to Know

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Cyberpunk 2077s first paid expansion: Phantom Liberty, launches on September 26th for Xbox X/S, PS5 and PC. This is the culmination of the CD-Projekt REDs-Efortunes effort to redeem the futuristic FPS/RPG and offers many new content and features to players to take advantage of.

Players venture into Dogtown, an area that breaks out of Night City’s jurisdiction. There are 15 new things you should learn about the expansion that are the site of gamescom’s detail.

Dozens of New Story Quests and Gigs are held.

After the spacecraft crash-landed in Dogtown with NUSA president Rosalind Myers, she becomes a target for the colonel Kurt Hansen and the Barghest. Moreover, the agents of the Federal Intelligence Agency, like Solomon Reed, move to secure Myers, preferably with Vs help. The length of the storyline for Phantom Liberty has not been outlined yet. CD Projekt RED has promised dozens of new story quests and side gigs.

New Weapons

It would be impossible to expand without new weapons, and with Dogtowns Black Market, there’s all kinds of new toys to play with. Some illegal weapons outlawed in Night City include the Order shotgun (a Tech-like weapon), the Grit handgun (the machine gun), and the Warden SMG. There are also sniper rifles like Osprey and Rasetsu, Hercules, a special weapon – it’s a flamethrower, the nozzle – and a new katana.

Over 100 new items are being added to the list.

There are 100 new items that the player has to take. New weapons are given, but there are also new weapons and fashion choices. Perhaps you can try one of the Barghest military-issue armor for yourself or look as sophisticated as Reed can. Time’s going to be the future.

Redesigned Perks

Perks have had a significant overhaul and will be available for all players when the updated 2.0 app launches alongside Phantom Liberty. Some of these include a new Air Drip, which deflects a grenade and screams from the mid-air, and Deadeye, to execute enemies in quick succession with headshots. There are several different choices here.

New Finishers

If you weren’t able to finish enemies in style, there were some new brutal Finishers. With Bladerunner, squeaking their heads off, killing an enemy and toss them into another enemy. There are a lot of choices, but it looks like they all look great.

Modification of a variety of playstyles.

Cyberpunk 2077 made a big effort to discourage more specialized builds, and Update 2.0 is going up with that. The director recently talked to Xbox On about how one of our big inspirations was that: if you think about this world with cyberware and the dark future, you have to pick up certain fantasies in mind of how you want to play, how you want to be. If you’re a quick-moving marshall and a swordman, a great-looking Netrunner, a very useful Terminator and more.

So now we have abilities that have the ability to pick up bodies and throw them. You can live on the crossfire, and as long as you keep pushing that attack, you’ll be regenerating your life and you’ll get into an angry state. Your fury state would damage your health, but as long as you attack, you’ll continue to regen your health.

Humane health increased.

With all the new perks available, making choices is difficult (which is why we build-work but I think I’ll avoid this temptation). The good news is that the floor price has been increasing to 60, so you’ll have a lot more room for upgrades. The bad news is that its exclusive to expansion and not free for all players.

New Relic Tree Details.

The Relic Tree is, too, exclusive to Phantom Liberty and introduces a new skill tree, so many abilities will be increased. The latest Gamescom Opening Night Live trailer showed launch-capacity override, which quickly fires three explosive shots from the arm cannon, and Spatial Mapping, where you can teleport to an enemy, and slay them with Mantis Blades. A pulser lifts power while catching a punch and sends heavy foes flying, whereas fire traps give an Optical Camo function in fighting. This gives a chance to escape.

New maneuvers with Vehicular Combat.

Vehicular combat is another new feature for everyone, and allows you to fire weapons by car or bike. You can quick hack and slash tires while on a bike and change the vehicle with two guns in the front. Phantom Liberty can also equip vehicles with launchers and rain missiles on enemies.

Dynamic Events

For those who are preparing the Phantom Liberty story, there are endless dynamics to do. These include new-car mission, where you steal vehicles for a fixer called Mama Welles. Some objectives include ensuring the safety of a car; other have the potential to create a challenge. It promises to have many options, and infinitely replayable. Airdrop mission sees caches dropping from the sky that you must try to get to fight enemies after the same thing.

New Vehicles

New vehicles are also promised on the expansion, with Quadra, Archer and Villefort rides being showcased and available for the purchase. If you want something a little more destructive, there are also a PC equipped with an advanced missile detector. That should certainly be helpful when driving on an oversized car.

Cyberware Changes

Players now have a meter for the classification of cyberware. While it’s unclear whether full Cyberpsychosis will occur, you can get a shot and lose the ability of the limit (as noted by GameSpot in their hands-on time with the Summer Game Fest demo). The cyberware limit will gradually increase over time, hence you have more freedom to experiment.

Combat AI with overhauled attack.

Combat AI is getting an overhaul, though it hasn’t been explicitly explained. We hope this means enemies are more intelligent and less predictable, flanking when they have numbers and rushing when you are weak. If the Barghest are relentless, we may get more than we bargained for.

Firefighting operatives reprimanded.

Police intelligence is getting an overhaul, and CD Projekt RED has explained how it’s working. Players have a Heat of 5:40 as they commit crimes and evade arrests. The police will attack you in vehicles and try to get you off the road and even to create barricades for your help. As Heat rises, the action becomes more aggressive.

You can escape the criminal case by running from the scene and not getting to know a policeman. They won’t stop in the future. People have different interests to look after based on their location. Night City PD patrols the city, but Night City, while the Barghest patrol Dogtown and the Badlands is managed by Militech.

MaxTac is a mini-boss.

How does it get optimum heat? Max Tac gets involved in a mini-boss encounter of sorts. There are many different arcs for MaxTac, each with a unique mechanic, and they should be worth a challenge for gutsier players.

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