Darkguards: Demon Purge Release Date Unveiled


Inti Creates announced a date for the Grim Guardians: Demon Purge game. Out of the announcement, a new trailer is also coming out. The gothic horror-inspired game will be out digitally on February 23rd, 2023 and cost $44.99.

There is the new release date of Grim Guardians: Demon Purge! It is to show off the titles in the animation.

In addition, Inti created a series of screenshots of the game. You can try to find a few of them below:

Grim Guardians: Demon Purge is a 2D battle with a deep exploration element. With it’s unique gameplay, players are able to switch between the two main characters easily and easily.

The game follows Shinobu and Maya Kamizono, two demon-hunter sisters. After returning from hunt one day, they find out their school has been transformed into a demonic castle. It is up to the siblings to save the school’s students, to rescue them, and to stop all the sudden loss of their minds.

Shinobu delivers long-range attacks and higher HP, while Maya can deal very much damage quickly, but only at close-range distance. Each character will have a unique personality, making it essential to swap them.

The girls also have a strict technique called Purge Cannon, with which they work together to fire a powerful bullet that instantly destroys most demons. That attack can only be unleashed once the robbing-gauge is full. The Purge Gauge is naturally used in the process. This boosts when players pick up items.

If Shinobu or Maya don’t own a hp, the other might get used to the other of them. This process requires a considerable time and requires the players to stand over the fallen sister, so rescuing them will take a bit of planning. When both of our siblings die, games happen.

Both characters will have several unlockable sub-weapons that are rewarded as players defeat bosses. Any time you can change them, your weapons will require the same points. Different sub-weapons will give more bosses the opportunity to be defeated and give more areas the ability to access.

There are some features available for players to customize their Grim Guardians: Demon Purge experience. 3 difficulty styles, and the ability to play cooperatively are possible when there is a second controller.

The Grim Guardians: Demon Purge release date is February 23, 2023. Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam digitally.


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