Dave Bautista confirms Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will be Draxs last year


Dave Bautista confirmed that Drax will appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Three characters farewell isn’t a tragedy for the actor, who said he’s relieved after the ending.

This has been in the air for a while. But in May 2021, Batista said he considered Guardians of the Galaxy 3 an end of Drax, but it still is not clear whether the hero will leave the scene in a dramatic way. To do it, what is possible with James Gunn.

I’m very grateful for the character Drax! I feel sorry because it’s over. Not everyone’s sun and pink. I was unable to play the role, and as it was, the make-up process kept me out of reach. I can not tell if Drax needs to be remembered for its fun performance. I want to focus on more dramatic roles.

Batista always proved as a versatile professional, although most of the time the extraordinary physique allowed him to work in the movie industry.


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