Dead Island 2: a sex worker and a punk rocker are the two new playable characters


While promotional material is far from Deep Silver focused on Jacob’s character, Dead Island 2 will allow you to play as six different characterstwo more than the first chapter of the series.

Through the coverage of Game Informer, we can discover two new protagonists of Dead Island 2. We have Ryan, a muscular sex worker who lives in Los Angeles to work a striptease for a bachelor’s party. When Ryan finds out that he’s been bitten (but only five survivors are not being treated to his injuries), his biggest goal is to take care of his brother. One of Ryan’s characters’ unique abilities include a moderate strength enhancement by removing the barrier and dodging and becoming a recombinant victim of zombie attacks.

Dani, instead, is an Irish punk rocker who finds herself in Los Angeles for a roller derby event. Her work is based on a living attitude, and grew up in the apocalypse. That makes Dani one more aggressive survivor, whose heavy attacks release explosions on impact, and who recover from successive quick attacks. You can see what the two characters look like if they are in the images we have on the top and bottom of each image.

If you try for the debut set of the day to date, the three-pack will debut in 2023. The screen, where you will be playing PC, PlayStation and Xbox, we hope you will learn the history of Dead Island by retracing it, then you will have the second chapter of the movie.


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