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Dead Space remakes tension director can use psychosis events to keep tension going

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A unique and promising feature of Dead Space remake is its new Tension Director system, which allows the team to meet the first two-tenth of the century and perform more impressive events. Since then most of the potential events outlined in Motive Studio have been pretty simple, creepy, unquestionably dark, but there are still many more complex fears in the store.

In a new video, IGN First claims that the Tension Director can also host psychosis events. While he doesn’t really explain what it is, the upcoming Dead Space series exposes all characters to obscurity on their own that create false senses as obelisks, which convert people into Necromorphs, hence the consequences of psychosis a play on this. For longtime horror fans, the randomized spooky visions can make a resemblance to Eternal Darkness and other classic games with sanity effects that can be effective when used correctly.

Tension Director can sound, animation, environment triggers. So you’ll have a fan running, a ship’s creaking, you’ll have lights flashing, you will have lights going off, you’ll have psychotic phenomena. All of this is put into use by the Tension director and this is how we make sure the lines are blurry and oure never know whats in the script and whats not.

Dead Space is already starting on the PC, Xbox X/S and the PS4 on January 27, 2023.


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