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Here is the timeline for a series of atroc and murder, which many Netflix fans will like most. This is the time for the murders, as well as the investigation and trial that followed. This guide concludes with a sentence that Alex Murdaugh was given.

The Criminal Investigation Watch lists Murdaughs.

When did the ave of Murdaugh be massacred?

  • Stephen Smith died at the death of his son.
    • On July 8th, 19-year-old Stephen Smith (Buster Murdaughs classmate) was found dead, but he was determined to be a hit-and-run case.
  • Gloria Satterfield died of a car accident.
    • 2018 On Feb 26, the Murdaugh family, who was the nephew of 57 years old Gloria Satterfield, died two weeks ago after being reported to have fallenon the property’s front stairs.
  • Paul and Maggie were killed in the deaths of Murdaugh and Murdaugh.
    • 2021 On June 7th, Alex Murdaugh called 911 and reported that his son and wife, Paul and Maggie had both been shot at the family hunting property in Islandton.

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The Murders are the largest murders of all time.

When did Alex Murdaughs trial begin, and what was the result?

2021 After the murders of Paul and Maggie, state officials announced on June 22 that the investigations into the deaths of Stephen Smith and Gloria Satterfield will be reopened.

2021 Eventually, Alex Murdaugh was arrested multiple times as he was accused of conspiracy in the suicide scheme and swindling money from her sons in September and October respectively.

Mr. Murdaugh remained in prison, but as a result, he agreed to pay her $3 million to the family of Mrs. Satterfield.

Ms. Satterfields body was exhumed, but nothing came of that. However, Mr. Murdaugh and Mr. Smith were indicted for a narcotics related conspiracy with another count. Even on July 20 Mr. Murdaugh was a non-complicit and wanted to go to the court immediately.

2022 He was indicted on December 16, on nine counts of tax evasion, and it was revealed he defrauded people for about $8,8 million.

2023 After all the indictments and arrests, the trial related to his homicide convictions for murder of his son and wife began on January 23.

2023 On March 2, Mr. Murdaugh was proved guilty of murdering Paul and Maggie.

What sentence was Alex Murdaugh given?

Alex Murdaugh was sentenced to two life sentences for murdering his wife, Maggie, and son Paul.

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