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Death stranding 2, waits for the release date: there are the free Avatars on PSN

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The celebrations for the seventh anniversary of Kojima Productions are continuing. The celebrations give fans a little ambiance to the second-time tribute Death Beaching.

The software company led by Hideo Kojima has actually decided to make a special avatar set available to the player on PlayStation Network. Inspiring from the trailer for Death Stranding 2 the content of the new and disturbing version sees the actual protagonist already present in the first Death Stranding.

You just have to go shopping for the PlayStation Store and get a copy of your promotion code. For the European region, the reference code is the following:

The free version of the Death Stranding 2 character is 4 avatars for as many versions of the BB Pod. A capsule full of bubbles, a few tentacles, or a few more, or maybe many others. At that time the significance of this horrific variation of the tool remains mysterious, along with the possible plot of the DS2.

No one knows what could be the announcement date for the release of Death Stranding 2, which Kojima has yet to announce.


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