Death’s Evil 4: The remake has already progressed


Gaming year 2023 seems interesting already. Long-awaited books like Hogwarts Legacy and Star Wars: Jedi Survivor are waiting for us in the upcoming months. The remake of Evil 4 will be released in March, therefore we will never be able to take on zombie hordes again and again with Leon S. Kennedy. The game is already almost finished, said the responsible player. Soon we should also learn more about the long-awaited horror adventure.

Resident Evil 4 was adopted in final moves.

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi expressed his support for Resident Evil 4 in the New Year’s report of the Japanese newspaper Famitsu. The game is almost finished, the team is currently taking care of the last game, Fine tuning. Wait a little longer.

Also popular with computer-friendly readers.

The horror milestone finally gets his well-deserved remake, with new graphics and new gameplay features. We’ve tried the video.

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So we can expect more information about evil, at least 3 months after us. The details of how they could seem clear are still missing. Given the advertising campaigns made for the last ten Pokémon, a demo is certainly a possibility. Resident Evil 4 Remake (buy now 69.99 / 53.99) will be released on March 24th for PC, PS5/4 and Xbox Series X/S.


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