Deathverse Let It Go! Developers temporarily suspend the game’s service


The developers for free-to-play Deathverse: Let It Die had to decide very difficult. The game, being run over by grave technical problems, is being halted now and it is on its way home.

Last September, GungHo Online Entertainment and Supertrick Games released the multiplayer survival action, Deathverse: Let It Die, as a free-to-play game for the PlayStation 5 and 4 games. Several months later, a PC version followed.

Now the people in charge communicated that the service will be temporarily suspended starting July 18 2023, the game being redeveloped to fix the ongoing matchmaking and lag issues. For this reason, you’ll not be able to buy Death Metal in the game from February 7, 2023. Death Metal already purchased can still be used till the service is discontinued.

I heard that a second season will continue, as planned, and the third season will only be partially released.

The developers like the game a lot so that it can’t be disbanded.

The developers sent the following letter to the community on the official website: “.

All of our players were welcome.

Thank you for your continued support of The Deadverse: Let You die.

We really appreciate all who enjoys and enriches the game.

Of course we have faced some challenges since the release of our game; especially with regards to players and to games. We sincerely apologize for the issues that may have caused any inconvenience to our players.

While we tried several solutions, that resulted also in some success, we couldn’t resolve the problem directly. Thus, the development and operation team decided to suspend the game temporarily while we redevelop Deathverse: Let it die.

This was an difficult decision for us. With some significant improvements, the game will be enjoyed by a wider audience and as far as our current players.

Given the time given to developing a game, and that only a limited number of games that anybody can make has no doubt exists in their lifetime. But that game is a pleasure, but we like to play it together as a team. In doing this, we believe that it’s the best decision ever.

We should do our best in order to make sure the rerelease is completed, so that the current community can play the game alongside many new players in the future.

We appreciate all your support and understanding.

Consequently, I cannot hope to give the developer a good name and hope that it was really the right decision. As soon as we have to communicate new information, we’ll update you.

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