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Deck Guide – Crystal Clash

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By Darkokoro

Do you think your decks are bad? Do you think you need some help building a deck? Do you think your selected units are bad? I think neither of them are true and you only need to get to know your deck so your deckbuilding fit your playstyle and your decisions take in mind your oponent’s deck in count. That’s why I made this guide so if you think you need help with deepen your knowlede of the game this guide is for you.

The Units

For starters you should get to know your cards, every card is part of a legion and every legion has a different mechanic which will define how it’ll work in your deck. There is a mechanic called mana sickness, this makes every unit you summon for the cost of mana stuned for one second after it’s summoned, thake this in mind when positioning your units near emeny units. Let’s start with a little overview of the stats and an overview for each legion.

The Stats

Each unit has a stat namely defense, health and attack in addition to status effects that can be activated after certain conditions are met or are permanent. From the base stats the armor clases are the ones that make you receive less damage so you should always check the armor class of a unit to know where in the battlefield it belongs:

Armor Classes

  • Unarmored (as the class of the gargoyle): It has no damage reduction
  • Light Armor: It has a 15% damage reduction (good for tanking some hits)
  • Medium Armor: It has 30% reduction from ranged sources and 20% from melee (This is the one you want for a unit wall)
  • Heavy Armor: It has a 30% reduction from ALL sources(Few units have it but it can tank a lot of hits in addition these units have more health than every other unit*)
  • Fortified Armor: They reduce damage more than any other unit** but they also receive 400% damage from siege units (These are mostly buildings and a legendary unit. Remember to deal with siege units to avoid a total destruction from these)
    *These units are only from stage 3 and are mostly legendary units
    **The percentaje is not given by the game

The Range

For ranged units you’ll see the range displayed when you are about to place a card.

Some cards tell how much they can increase in range but as it’s not really reliable so you can just tap on a ranged buffed unit so you can see how much the range grows.

The basics for each legion

Black Legion

For black legion We have the “soul” mechanic. A soul is a source of energy some units can take from enemies and allies whenever a unit dies. Soul harvesting has som pecularities worth mentioning.

  • If an ally dies and an ally and an enemy are near it the soul will go to the ally unit otherwise the enemy can harvest it.
  • The souls are treated as energy so any unit/building/spell that provides energy to allies will provide it for soul users.
  • If a unit is anihilated it won’t drop soul.
  • Souls are not dropped from sapplings.

Green Legion

For green Legion we have a lot of cards that will boost your units both from this legion or any other legion so we can say it’s all about boosting units. Some interesting facts from the legion are:

  • Sapplings are really weak, they will die from just one shot of EVERYTHING, even spells that damage by a percentage making them really weak and tey will disapear after 17 seconds, BUT when enchanced they gain 50 health and get to live until killed making them a good unit to swarm your enemies.
  • Sapplings aren’t a card so you have to spawn them with bushes and woodwalkers.
  • Fun fact: a buffed marksman can get up to 347 maximum health with the buffs from this legion

White Legion

The white legion is pretty much your standard legion but it focuses on healing from status effects and gaining health even over maximum health. It has a lot of variety to gain health from single to multiple units and to get rid of status ailments.

This doesn’t mean this is all it can do, this one has a lot of cards to make swarm decks, full dps decks, crowd control decks even annoying flying decks. Some things that are worth mentioning of this legion are:

  • This legion can revive your units with buildings and save the from death with spells.
  • The healing cards from stage 3 let you have a lot of healing over a huge portion of your army.

Blue Legion

This one doesn’t focus on one thing alone but on a lot of things. This legion has a lot of cards that use energy to trigger various effects and has a lot of ways of getting it, it also has the most buildings of all the legions. A little introduction to the various mechanics of this legion is as follows:

  • It has units that benefit from spells meaning they can gain energy from spells used nearby.
  • The buildings use energy and are permanent so you have spells that replenish energy and a building that does it too.
  • It has one of the best crowd controll and heavy damage dealer of the game, the MOAG.

Crystal Legion

This is a very special one, it doesn’t count towrds the color limitations so you can ad these cards whenever you want. It’s traits are:

  • They are made of stone so the always have some kind of armor.
  • They tend to have more health than other units.
  • Each unit has a unique status effect and some are unique to them.
  • There is at least one of each type of card (support, DPS, destruction spells, aid spells, etc.) in this legion so they can be added to any kind of deck.

Black Legion Spells

There are 7 spells available for the black legion, starting at stone tier qith frenzy and frost shock.

Stone Tier

  • Frenzy: This spell will buff one of your units, granting it the ability to negate every status ailment permanently*, in addition the unit will either absorb health from any atack it makes if it’s a melee unit or shoot an additional target if it’s a ranged unit for a short period of time.
    • Frenzy is an excellent spell that can help your unit surive in early game boosted if growth from the green legion is also used on the unit.
    • It can also get you out of trouble if the enemy tries to stop your army by usin status ailments, just remember to use it on strong/tanky units as it’s only aplied at one unit.
  • Frost shock: This spell will freeze a unit and make several ice shards to the enemies nearby.
    • This spell can prove extremely usefull in early game as it can kill several low health units such as skelleton archers, archers and marksmen easily with few shards, it can also destroy footmen shields and let your ranged units kill them before they reach your army(it can also kill a single squad)**.
    • Use it with caution on latter stages as the shards are divided between nearby targets.
    • One of the best uses of this spell is to freeze the towers so they can’t attack your units.

  • * This effect is removed if recycle from the blue legion is used or if it’s reborn by watchtower.
    ** Remember that the ice shards won’t hit the frozen target

Copper Tier

  • Freeze: This spell can be a nightmare since It’ll stop up to 12 units(it can be a lot depending on the rival deck) and let your units attack meanwhile.
    • In addition 4 units from this legion deal extra damage to frozen units so with a good freeze build you can deal a lot of damage.

Silver Tier

  • Here comes the magic as there are 3 spells and they can be really usefull if used correctlySoul Maelstorm: This one removes up to 20 enemies from the battlefield meaning that they cannot be targeted by any means EXCEPT for Tyrus, Lord of Souls, making this card extremely useful for stage 3 with a Tyrus focused deck.
    • In addition it deals Damage Over Time(DOT) to every unit affected by banishing equal to 30% of their total health.
    • A great utility of this spell is that when used on a sappling it instead kills it.
  • Deep Freeze: This is a buff/debuff spell. If used on any of your units It’ll temporarily boost it’s defense making it have HARD ARMOR
  • Shatter Ice: With this spell you can deal massive damage to EVERY frozen unit in an area, it’ll destroy every non shielded and low health unit, plus it can deal damage to buildings meaning you can frost shock the tower or any other building and hit it with the spell(bonus points if there are frozen units surroinding it).

And lastly the buff->debuff spell

  • Void Miasma creates a domain* (a circle) where every unit that enters gets enchanted with grievous wounds*.
    • One important effect that is usually not mentioned is that it reduces healing effects on the affected unit.
    • This enchantment makes every attack dealt to a unit inflict a charge of bleeding(deals 0.5% of the total health of the unit per charge up to 20 charges – 10% of the health PER SECOND) making it lethal on fast attacking units like crystal crescendo.
  • * The domain has 10 charges and is pretty big. It also reduces range for enemy ranged units.

Those are the spells, as you can see they revolve mostly around status ailments and so do the units so let’s start with them.

Black Legion Units

This legion is mainly based around status effects, meaning it has a wide variety of cards that will weaken your enemies. In addition most cards will deal extra damage against enemies affected by certain status effects.

The units introduce a mechanic different form the spells: soul absorption. Some units are capable of acquiring souls of defeated untis and activate different effects, the souls work as charges so EVERYTHING that gives charges to a unit gives them soul energy so have that in mind when building decks. Also remember: the soul absoptionwill trigger for the nearest unit from the source.

Take in mind that the units and spawner aren’t always from the same tier.

Stone Tier

  • Frostworm: This unit will be your best friend for early freeze. It’ll freeze any unit it attacks and explode in a wide area of freeze effect.
    You can use this unit as a kamikaze to freeze any unit when they reach your zone, also as a ranged unit it’ll get double shot with frenzy.
  • Skeletons: This card will spawn 2 skeletons each capable of soul absorbing wich will let them a second life without cancelling their buffs.*
    This one also comes with a damage bonus against frozen enemies dealing 200% damage and 150% to units with any other debuff.
  • Void Bane: this unit attacks in a wide area and will gain maximum health for every soul gathered, also it can give it to any ally unit that uses ENERGY when dying.
    This one is a pretty strong unit when buffed capable of surviving a lot of hits with support spells that gives them health or frenzy so it can heal a bit.

Copper Tier

  • Skeleton Archer: These 2 little brave undead deal the most heavy damage for stage 1 ranged units and come with grievous wounds from spawning so they can be your best friends for early damage dealer, also as they do not consume souls they can be a good source of souls for your units.
    Pretty strong and gives you a good start for a status effect deck. They’re cheap and can create a swarm aiding your units deal more damage.
  • Soul Cauldron: This one is a kamikaze, it gains soul and then releases it against a building dealing 15×4(because it´s a siege unit) per soul up to 15 souls dealing effectively 15x15x4=900 damage to ANY building.
    This unit proves specially efficient against building decks as the area of explosion is pretty big.
    Take in mind that even if this unit proves extremely usefull for going against buildings it can be really expensive in terms of souls as it can hold 15 and won’t let any unit farther than the source gather soul. It can create a situation where you have little to no soul on your units.

Silver Tier

  • Frostgoyle: These 2 can and will be your demise if you don’t have a good way to deal with flying enemies. They deal 200% damage to frozen enemies an 150% to any other unit affected by a status ailment, meaning they can easily kill every non ranged unit with ease and more while frozen.
    As they are flying melee units they have problems dealing with any ranged unit if not shielded either by spells or units, this makes almost necesary a way to freeze enemy units so they can reach them and deal extra damage in the process.
  • Lich: This one can prove the key unit for every freeze deck. It can use 6 energy (soul) to freeze ONE unit and also deal massive damage to the targeted unit and good splash damage to every unit in the AOE. As opposed of the previous soul gathering this unit generates it automatically every 3 seconds, meaning it cannot harvest soul FROM ENEMIES (other sources are allowed)**.
    ** The combination of void bane with a swarming deck and a bunch of liches can easily decimate an army even tough it can prove hard to get a good swarm depending on your playstile and the enemy deck.

Gold Tier

  • Mirror Slime: This one does as it name says it mirrors every debuff onto itself and then mirror it to EVERY enemy that attacks it, making it ideal for status ailments decks, also it’s very tanky plus the first time it’s affected by an ailment it gets 200 additional health.
    This one works specially well with freeze decks but not with banishing ones as it cannot be attacked while banished if you missclick near it.
    In addition a buff/status ailment pair of decks will prove it’s real value as a tank.
  • Tyrus, Lord of souls: As a legendary unit it can oly be summoned once of them per player at a time (it has recharge so don’t panick). This one is buffed by soul harvest giving it the ability to null an attack for every soul it has (and can have a lot). It can attack banished enemies and banishes near 2 units every 3 seconds and gains an additional soul per each one being it friend or foe. It also banishes every unit in a wide area when summoned and gains one soul per each one.**
  • Vecra, Monarch of Frost: As a legendary unit it can oly be summoned once of them per player at a time (it has recharge so don’t panick). This one starts fronez in the battlefield and when it looses 30% of health it awakens with a wide freeze burst wich will deal 1000 damage to every already frozen unit. It also absorbs 12 health points from every frozen enemy in a radius and it heals 6 per each one. In addition its attacks freeze hit units.**
    **Legendary units are not affected by status ailments.

* Having a lot of units that absorb souls will make it less efficient as some unit can get the soul meanwhile other could get nothing. Keep this in mind while deck building. This can be specially bad when you want to summon Tyron but it dies too fast because it has not enough soul to shield it from attacks

Black Legion Buildings

For the black legion We only have two buildings and both are capable of using souls as energy so they can be really usefull when using a swarm deck or against a swarm deck, but be carefull with siege damage units and placement.

Remember: for buildings a good placement is mandatory to get good results.

Silver Tier: Frostgoyle Fountain

  • This building will create a frostgoyle for every 5 energy it gets, it also gets destroyed after 90 seconds. The frostgoyles get destroyed after 17 seconds unless they get any enchantment.
  • As it is pretty energy deppendant this building should be placed near the battlefield for it to get energy from defeated units.
  • As it can get energy from any source it can be comboed with blue or green legion, also if you only use void banes from black legion they can prove a good source of energyfor this building

Gold Tier: Soul Altar

  • This building anihilates an enemy unit with 60 health or less every 3 second for no energy cost*
  • A good trait of this building is that it can get souls from enemies and give them to any unit that uses energy, making it a way for units without soulgatherer to get energy from souls.
    *it can anihilate a unit from everywhere on the map

Green Legion Spells

For the green legion spells we could argue a lot about its focus as it can be focused as support or buffing, but there’s more to it tha just those two ways of playing the spells so let’s sart with them.

stone tier

  • Giant Growth: This spell will increase a unit’s HP by 160 HP and heal them for 2% of their max HP per second over 10 seconds.
    This can be used on a unit with a lot of health like the Oracle a unit with a lot of health from this legion and make it an HP wall.
    It can also be used on units with low health so they can get more hits like marksman so it will get 160 raw extra HP making it able to survive a pair of hits before dying and maybe kill it’s attacker.
  • Entangling Roots: This one will apply the rooted ailment to up to 16 units wich deal 1.5 DPS over 10 seconds.
    This spell can be used along rootlings to make them deal damage to rooted enemies in an area around the target of the rootling, making this a pretty useful crowd control combo even for targets with good health.

Copper Tier

  • Pulse of the forest: This one is really usefull for units with a lot of HP and less with units with low HP as it gives 30% of the unit’s HP plus 50 raw HP.
    It can also be used with saplings o make them live longerad give them 100 HP so they can start to be of use on their own.

Silver Tier

  • Evolve: Thistle: This one is one of the green deck focused as it only works with saplings. It evolves up to 6 saplings into thistles.
    This can be pretty useful since saplings are basically free and you can summon 6 thistles for 60 mana instead of summoning for 300 mana, meaning if you have enough saplings and charges you can get 30 thristles for the same 300 mana.

Gold Tier

  • Evolve: Oracle: This is the second green deck focused card as it only works with saplings too. It evolves one sapling to an oracle with 60% of it’s maximum health.
    As an oracle can absorb up to 12 saplings for 50 HP each one it can heal itself if you have a good suply of saplings.
    It also costs only 130 mana instead of the 200 mana for summon AND it can be used on stage 2 making it a good choice for a sapling swarm deck.
  • Sapling Charge: As a legendary spell it can oly be used once of them per player at a time (it has recharge so don’t panick) and until the effect has ended. This spell send up a HUGE horde of saplings 15 saplings on use and 11 waves of 10 saplings each one over the time making it a great card for various purposes.
    With a sapling based deck you can evolve a lot of these into units that are more useful while having more incoming.
    It can be used to deplete a tower or nexus shots.

Green Legion Units

The units by themselves are not really straightforward to play and they can need to do some synergy with a card or another unit to get the best out of them tht taking already in account the positioning you give them so let’s have a look on them.

But before we start you might be asking “Where’s my sapling?” well, that’s a pretty easy question, your sapling doesn’t exist as a card an is instead summoned by othre two cards but… where would it be in the tiers you might be asking, well it should be below the stone tier and I’ll explain why.

As you can see this little buddy only has 2 HP, no armor and comes with Time-Limited, a skill that will kill it after 17 seconds… it’s not really helpful so we have to make them work with both strats and synergies. But not everything is lost because it also comes with Flourish, this skill will give it 50 HP and a longer life whenever it’s enchanted for the first time.

Stone Tier

  • Thristles: This card will summon 2 thristles with the ability to dodge attacks with a probability of 40% and attack two targets instead of one.
    These have low HP but it can be nulled by their dodge ability. Take note that they can be decimated by enemies with splash damage or spells as they can’t dodge either of those sources of damage so a crowd of thristles will die pretty easily against a tower if they are too colo to each other or another unit.
  • Rootling: This one can only attack at the same height (ground-ground and flying-flying if inverse gravity is used on them). It comes with surefire so they can’t be blinded. They also comes with root and root network, the first will aply root to the target, stoping it and dealing light DOT and the later making every rooted enemy near a radius from the target take 10 splash damage.
    Here comes the first synergy rootling+entangling roots can prove lethal for rooted enemies specially on early game. A video will be uploaded where I showcase a build like this.

Copper Tier

  • Woodwalker: This one will summon 2 saplings every time it gains 4 energy and can recover one point every 3 seconds.
    The woodwalker is a pretty strong ranged unit and it can make good synergy with oracle as it’ll feed it saplings, domain builds as they’ll be enchanted as well as the saplings (making pretty strong sapling swarm decks) and with evolution spells as they’ll provide you with low cost units.
  • Rootdood: This one comes with energy infusion, this makes it gain 4 points of energy when it’s enchanted and 1 point for every 50 HP healed (up to 4) and then it’ll released them to root one enemy for every point used (the farthest enemy). It’s weird but it’s a ranged unit with a very low range and can only attack at the same height.
    For synergies a root deck can make good use of this unit as it’ll root enemies your rootlings cannot attack directly.
  • Hearth of the forest: This is a pacifist one, it won’t attack. They will enchant an ally with strenght (enchanted units get 40 HP bonus, 8 damage and only 5 to units with surefire) every time it gains 3 energy points, it regens one every 3 seconds.
    This will fit on every deck you have as it’s a low energy cost unit and can buff your units more quickly than most other cards.
    For synergies it can go well with EVERYTHING but they shine with sapling focused decks as they’ll make them swarm everything and gives them extra damage.

Silver Tier

  • Wisp: this one can make a lot of damage if your decks are builded with units to cover them. They shoot a projectile that will bounce every time it hits an enemy up to 6 targets, it has good damage dealing 21 points but every bounce will deplete damage from the projectile until it doesn’t have damage left to deal (yup, pretty weird).
    The natural counter for saplings as they can easily destroy the saplings from 2 bushes without lacking damage.
  • Spore: If you want a deck based on heavy HP walls this one will be their best friend. It flies and the effect activates when dying, it’ll create a circle where every ally unit will heal 30 HP per second and flying units loose the ability to fly for 10 seconds. The circle lasts for 30 seconds so it can heal your units up to 420 HP if you can make them survive.
    For synergies, if you don’t have flying or ranged units that attack flying targets this one will be your saviour as it’ll allow your units to hit them.
    As mentioned before it works specially well with units with high HP or that won’t die from one shot.
  • Oracle: A heavy tank unit, it’ll deal splash damage with a good base attack, it’s base HP is of 825 with light armor and it will absorb up to 12 saplings to get 50 HP for each one represented by a gray bar below it’s health.
    As for synergies you’ll want to have some sort of sapling spawning to aid it survive longer. Above there are three images of the oracle buffed, the first one it’s buffed with the 12 saplings and a giant growth reaching 1345 max HP, the later is of it having 3 saplings then hearth of the forest’s buff then pulse of the forest and then giant growth reaching 1697 max HP and the last one is an ideal secuence of buffing hearth/12 saplings->12 saplings/hearth*->giant growth*-> pulse of the forest** reaching 1851 max HP.
    *These have to be the first steps as they only give raw health.
    **This always has to be the last step as this gives 30% health as bonus.

Gold Tier

  • Mulch digger: This one spawns hidden in the ground and when reaching an enemy it will rise with a heavy damage attack (120 splash damage), it’ll also deal 200% damage to every rooted enemy asnd 150% to enemies affected by status ailments. As a bonus it won’t be stuned by that second after being summoned AND can dodge attacks by a chance of 40%. IMPORTANT NOTE:
    • It deals 88 base damage!!
    • Upon exiting the ground it won’t be affected by status ailments like frostworm’s freeze

  • For synergies a rooted deck works well with that 200% damage dealing 240 splash damage on exiting the ground and 176 damage to every non armored unit.
    This one is a good addition to every status ailment deck you have.
  • Brratu, Keeper of Nature: As a legendary unit it can oly be summoned once of them per player at a time (it has recharge so don’t panick). Brratu is the best friend of your buffing decks, it’s abilities are as follows:
    • It can be targeted by gound and flying units, this means it can always be hit by flat ranged units
    • It won’t collide with units it simply passes through them.
    • It will only attack buildings
    • It will deal 400% damage to buildings
    • It deals 20% of it’s current health as bonus to it’s base 9 damage
    • The magic starts here, every time this unit receives a enchantment it gains 300 HP. As it has 1800 HP, with the ideal only green secuence of enchance It’ll gain a real lot of HP making it an absolute destroyer of damage.
      Doing math we get:
      • With hearth of the forest: 1800HP+40HP+300HP=2140HP AND 8 damage extra so we get 17 base damage
      • With Giant growth: 2140HP+160HP+300HP=2600HP
      • With Pulse of the forest: (2600)*1.3+50+300=3730HP *I still have to check if this calculation is right*
      • After having the HP done the damage with full HP is as follows: (3730*0.2+17)*4=3120 DMG to any building (this obviously includes Aegis and as it only has 990HP it’ll be deleted from the game) with the nexus having over 10000HP if we get a way of buffing it more with another deck color it’ll obliterate the nexus in few hits. A video will be uploaded where I showcase an absolute buff to Brratu.

Green Legion Builgings

In the green legion there are 2 buildings wich can be really useful on diferent situations for a lot of decks.

Stone tier – Sapling bush

  • This one will spawn 3 saplings for every 5 energy points it gets nd recovers one point every 3 seconds, making it spawn naturally 3 saplings every 15 seconds.The sapling bush can prove quite useful for depleting a tower’s charges on early game and also to stop enemies from attacking your other units.
  • For synergies any aura that enchants (except for flux field) will help the saplings themselves, hearth of the forest can provide quick and low cost enchanting for the saplings and oracle can make a quite good use of those saplings.
  • For a sapling deck the evolve cards will get a lot of use with these bushes as they will let you creare a pwerfull low cost army on stage 2.

Copper tier – Forest Guardian

The forest guardian can be a really strong unit as it deals 400% damage to enemies with fortified armor (as it doesn’t attack only buildings it can deal huge damage to the crystal legendary unit) and will attack nearby enemies with splash damage.

  • When there aren’t nearby units to attack it’ll attack buildings with increased radius at the cost of half the damage. It also gets destroyed after 90 seconds.
  • When attacking far away buildings as they have a 400% damage bonus against fortified they deal instead 200% wich still is pretty good.

White Legion Spells

For the white legion the motive of their spells is heal and protect, almost every spell will focus around this idea and can help your units to survive in every stage of the game on diferent ways such as healing over the max health, protect against any single hit and kkep your units from dying.

Do note that over heal can only heal up to 200% of the unit’s health so for example a unit with 100 HP can only reach 200 HP. This 100 extra HP isn’t max HP so once it’s depleted it cannot be regained and it’s showed as a white bar that covers the red HP bar.

Stone tier

  • Shields up!: This one can give up to 30 allies (that’s a lot, I think I haven’t hit the unit cap and if I did i didn’t notice) and prevents any incoming damage greater than 10.
    • This skill is great and has a lot of uses specially against heavy crowd controll hitters such as heavy gunner or MOAG as their damage will be negated and your low health units will be able to get to the enemy units.
    • This skill can also be great as a counter to high damage and slow attacking enemies such as marksman and conductor as they won’t deal that great damage and will have to wait a lot to hit another time, enough to let your army wipe them out.
    • Remember that this skill only blocks damage greater than 10, making it useless against saplings and gatling drone so keep that in mind when you try ti use it.
    • A natural counter to this spell are fast attacking units such as gattling drone and crystal crescendo as they can either ignore the shield or wipe it out and deal damage right away.
  • Light pulse: This spell can stun and blind the stun has a very small radius while the blind radius is greater. The stun will affect up to 10 units while the blinding will affect up to 14. Stuned units will stop doing anything for 3 seconds while blinded ones will miss half of their attacks for 10 seconds.
    • While units with surefire won’t be affected by blind they will be affected by stun so it’s wise to hit them with the small radius circle to make the most out of the spell.
    • Both effects are status ailments so units with predator sill always do at least 150% damage to any unit affected by them.
    • You can sto a MOAG from shooting it’s charged beam if you hit it with the stun ailment while it’s chargind so it’s a good way to give you time to reach it and destroy it. This can also be used with other energy using units even tough their animations are a lot smaller.

Copper Tier

  • Surge of light: This spell can heal your units by 200 HP and can overheal, it also gains a charge everytime it’s used, each charge accumulates 60 points of damage indefinitely. With this you can kill a wide variety of units that can give you problems. You’ll have to learn the base hp or an approximate to make the most out of it.
    • This one can help a lot if you are trying to make a tank live longer as it can get a lot of overheal without loosig the bonus.
    • If you have this card and the enemy has marksmen they’ll die with just one shot.
  • Hail of arrows: two words “real pain” they do 16 damage per wave in an area and they’ll shoot 4 waves at the start and then 4 for each archer in a huge radius.
    • If you can get a lot of archers and make your enemies stay on the radius of damage you’ll do a lot of damage.
    • It’s a good stage 2 backline damage dealer and can wipe out annoying rangers easily such as marksmen without needing nearby archers.

Silver Tier

  • Solar Flare: This spell will heal your selected unit by 400 HP and it’ll heal all friendly units by 25 HP during 10 seconds.
    • The number of extra heals is not counted by the moment (myabe I’ll take some time to count the healed units).
    • This spell should be used with units with 400 base HP or more as it will get every overheal point always.
    • You can save an important unit from dying while healing your other units at the same time.
    • This spell is really good with swarming decks as it’ll let your units deal a lot more of damage and survive even heavy hitters’ attacks.

Gold Tier

  • Promise of life: This spell creates a domain where up to 10 units that die in it will be saved from dying, leaving them 1 HP and 2 seconds of invincibility to let them get healed.
    • A tanky deck will benefit a lot of this spell since you’ll have strong units that can re-enter to the battlefield and get healed by the time the invincibility gets removed.
    • I wouldn’t recommend this spell if you don’t have any way to heal or increase your unit’s health as they’ll die right after the 2 second invincibility.

White Legion Units

This legion has maybe the most varied set of units of the game making it the easiest one to make really good monochrome decks, the reason is that here we can find DPS, crowd control, healers, tanks, flying units, etc. and every one of them is specialized around a focus making them really good on what they do.

Stone Tier

  • Archers: This card spawns 2 archers wich will shoot an arrow to a random nearby enemy. It’ll also do 200% damage to stunned enemies and 150% damage to any ailment inflicted enemy.
    • This card is meant to be used (but not necessary) with hail of arrows, as it will provide 4 waves to the spell with each individual archer, making it deadky with high archer numbers.
    • The light pulse and earthquake spells will both trigger the bonus damage for arches so they can be of good use with this unit.
  • Footmen: This card will spawn 4 footmen wich spawn with a shield that covers them of a single hit with more than 10 damage points. This shield regenerates every 5 seconds.
    • The footmen are your standard wave starter as they’ll guaranteed tank a hit and come in great numbers.
    • It can be really usefull against single target units.
    • For splash damage dealing units the times and colocation are things that will determine if these units do anything or they get destroyed right after spawning.
    • Healing decks and specially overhealing decks will make of these really useful units even against crowd control decks as they’ll be able to tank a lot of hits.
  • Monk: This armorless tank will use 4 energy points to heal an ailment of a nearby ally and will regain 1 energy point every 3 seconds.
    • The monk is the natural counter to ailment focused decks as they’ll leave the healed unit immune to any ailment until it dies.
    • As a tank it does it’s job poorly with no damage reduction so it’s a good idea to pair it with monk if you’ll use it as a tank.
    • It’s really good at dealing with low HP units as it’ll annihilate them without letting them trigger any skill on death.

Copper Tier

  • Priest: This unit can be the best friend of your tanks with low armor as they’ll heal a unit by 100 HP (can overheal) and give it’s armor the next tier up to heavy armor, giving them a lot more survability.
    • The priest is a really good unit for any tank with armor level lower than heavy armor as it will upgrade it.
    • 100 points of healing may seem to be useless but they can define the line between a unit dying and surviving specially when you take on count the chance of overheal.
  • Heavy Gunner: The ground to ground AOE king when you take stage 2 units. When enchanted it’ll gain 4 energy points and can use them to stun and blin enemies hit on the AOE of it’s next attack. It will gain 1 energy point for every 50 HP healed.
    • The stun and blind ailments are really usefull even more when your rivals are using strong units as their first line tanks.
    • The AOE damage of this unit is godly against low HP units and as it’s able to stun units it can leave units with low health and kill them with the second shot.
    • An enchanted heavy gunner can be really useful when using other high damage units as it’ll let them deal the damage this unit lacks of.
    • As a ranged unit (with low range) and a tanky unit (with not so great hp but a little armor) pairing it with enchantment cards like giant growth, pulse of the forest or priest it’s a very good option if you want it to be a main tank.

Silver Tier

  • Avengers: This card will spawn two flying angels both with the ability to make their attacks bounce if they have at least 230 hp.
    • The avengers can be a very good unit if they’re paired with a healing deck as they’ll be guaranteed to have a lot of health and will provide a good way to hit multiple enemies at once.
    • Their attack rate is pretty good and their health is also pretty good if you take in count that this is the only stage 3 card that spawns two units.
    • The avengers can get deadly with high numbers and given it spawn 2 per summon will give them a good boost in numbers.
  • Ballista: “But why can’t it overheal” Because it would be plain OP. The ballista will heal by 5 HP up to 4 friendly units, the arrow throws in arch and deals siege damage.
    • The ballista’s arrow will deal splash damage on the hit location (it’s a pretty small range since it will not hit small moving targets.)
    • The ballista cannot hit flying units but if it’s lifted it’s range will be increased, also increasing it’s range, since it deals damage on arrow’s impact location it won’t be able to hir flying enemies either but it can prove deadly against buildings and give an increased healing range while leaving it on a safe zone.
    • This unit won’t shine by it’s damage dealing abilities nor it’s healing on low numbers, on high numbers it’s healing abilities will shine making a lot of units able to sustain really high damage.

Gold Tier

  • Marksman:”Does this unit deserves to be on gold tier?” Of course it does!! The marksman deals really high damage and has an insane range (the same as a tower and under the right conditions it can hit it without getting hit). The marksman will gain range if it’s not moving and will reach it’s maximum at 10 seconds so it can hit from VERY far away, as mentioned before it will be able to hit the towers without getting hit if it remains on the safe zone enough time.
    • It’s health is really low so you’ll have to cover it either with spells or units because everyone will want to kill them ASAP and will spawn units nearby them to kill ’em quickly.
    • In high numbers they can kill entire armies of tank units so it’s convenient to have low hp units to counter them.
    • They’ll always attack the unit with the highest HP of it’s range so it can be the nemesis of tanky decks.
    • Tey’ll die to a lot of things easily so if you can get to stage 3 an earthquake will kill them really easily, hail of arrows is a really good option too.

White Legion Legendary Units

I reached the writing cap on the unit’s part of the guide so these two will have to go on their own section.

  • Lothar, Wall of Light: As a legendary unit it can oly be summoned once of them per player at a time (it has recharge so don’t panick). Lothar has really high HP and heavy armor so it’s a really good option for a late game tank. It will tank allies’ 70% damage. If it’s attacking a unit with 100% HP (I think it woks with overheal too) it’ll perform the next attack immediately and whenever it’s healed it’ll grant a shield to a nearby ally unit it’ll always be the one with the least maximum health without one.
    • When summoning it it’ll leave all nearby units stunned for 3sconds
    • Lothar can be rally hard to build as it’ll receive a lot of damage and it’s bonus will trigger only when it’s healed.
    • A good lothar focused build can be to get him healing through ballistas, monument of light, solar flare and surge of light to let it protect your army while it receives a good healing rate.
  • Selga, Patron Saint of Light: As a legendary unit it can oly be summoned once of them per player at a time (it has recharge so don’t panick). Selga can heal units in a radius around the impact place by 40 HP, as it’s a ranged unit other ranged units are not likely to receive this heal. Units near Selga will be protected so their health will drop to 1 and will be invincible for 2 seconds.
    • It’s range is not the gratest but it’s enough to let her stay on the rear side while providing it’s bonuses. It’s also a flat firing angle unit so it’ll only hit ground to ground.
    • Her healing can prove crucial when you have a lot of melee tank units and it’s protection will help a lot of backfire units to survive.

White Legion Buildings

There are two buildings available for this legion and they are focused on making your units survive in some kind of way each one.

Silver Tier

  • Watch tower: This building will create a small circle where every unit covered by it will be reborn in the start of your nexus with 10 health with every status effect removed. It’ll also be destroyed after 90 seconds.
    • While it’s resurrecting range is small, its attacking range isn’t neither its damage, so it can effectively be used as a defensive method with a little helping bonus.
    • You should use this tower to protect a group of ranged units. The marksmen with their long range will make good use of both the tower’s damage and resurrecting effect. It can work well with other long ranged units.
    • A good pairing with this building is aimbot of the blue legion as it’ll increase the range of your units making them stay within the protective area of the watchtower.

Gold Tier

  • Monumet of light: This building will use 5 energy units to heal nearby units by 25 HP, it’ll recover one point of energy every 3 seconds making it heal your units once every 15 seconds and can overheal. It’ll also be destroyed after 90 seconds.
    • A bonus that’s not always accounted for is that the same area of healing deals 20 points of splash damage to enemies so you can use it at the front of the battlefield.
    • The area is huge so it can aid your units from the backline to the frontline.
    • You can use this with energy supplying cards to get a faster healing wave.
    • This card works exceptionally well with swarm decks as the overheal can make your low health units survive for longer.

Blue Legion Spells

Stone Tier

  • Energy rift: This spell will bring a rift over your buildings, this rift will attack enemies in an area dealing 24 damage points per hit and shooting fairly quickly.
    • This spell is meant to be used when you need energy but can’t gain it or with buildings with low range as it’s range is really good.
    • This spell can be deadly with a lot of units built as the damage and range are good enough to hit a lot of ranged units and the range will make it able to deal with low health melee units with ease before they reach the buildings.
    • With relocate you can take the offensive with buildings so these are a really good pair of cards for a buildings focused deck.
  • Relocate: This spell will relocate up to 6 allies giving priority to buildings and if it’s the case they’ll get healed and reloaded base on their stage
    • Stage 1: 30% health and 25% energy
    • Stage 2: 25% health and 25% energy
    • Stage 3: 15% health and 15% energy
  • So keep that in mind when you’re using it with your buildings to get the most out of these effects.
  • Relocate is very useful for a lot of things just like the “Brratu, Destroyer of Nexus” as I like to call it. It’s a strategy where instead of fighting to get to the nexus you spawn a fully buffed Brratu near the rival’s Nexus and relocate it just next to it so Brratu obliterates it.

Copper Tier

  • Reload: This spell will give energy according to it’s target’s stage just as follows:
    • Stage 1: 100% energy
    • Stage 2: 50% energy
    • Stage 3: 25% energy
    • Legendary: 25% energy
  • Reload can be used on a lot of energy requiring decks, making priests able to heal rapidly multiple units or void bane gain all of it’s bonus health without even reaching the battlefield so it doesn’t gets the energy other units could find more useful or to let it give it to other units.
  • Since it’s a blue legion spell, and 3 units from this legion have spell related special effects and 2 of them can recharge energy when a spell is cast nearby, it can be really useful with it’s own legion.
  • Inverse Gravity: This spell will lift or ground up to 16 units in it’s radius (allies included).
    • The lifted units count as flying so they’ll receive more damage of units with predator:flying skill.
    • Ballistas gain range when flying so it can be a good spell to use with them as they’ll gain a lot of range.
    • Opressors only attack air to air and deal extra damage to flying enemies so they can deal a lot of damage to lifted units.

Silver Tier

  • Flux Field: This will create a domain with 6 charges wich will give units and buildings that use energy the bonus of replenishing up to 4 energy point by a rate of 1 enegry per 3 seconds, and the max energy increases by 2.
    • This one is a really good spell for units and buildings that use energy ANd doesn’t have any remaining or spawn with no energy since they’ll gain energy over the time and max energy.
    • An example of this are both conductor and breachers since both spawn with 0 energy and have 2 max energy, since they’ll gain up to 4 energy and 2 max energy, they’ll replenish all of their new max energy.

Gold Tier

  • Factory Reset: This spell will reset up to 8 targets to their spawning state (HP, enchantments and ailments reset).
    • This spell can be useful with decks that don’t require enchantments or against decks with a lot of enchantments or ailments so use it with caution on every situation.
  • Orbital Strike: This spell will create a laser beam that deals 13 damage points every 0.5 seconds over the designed unit and will shoot several laser beams on nearby units dealing 11 splash damage every 0.2 seconds over 15 seconds or until the target dies.
    • This spell can be deadly against a swarm deck with tanky units, legendary units and buildings.
    • Remember to use it on units with high health to make the most damage posible to nearby units.

Blue Legion Units

For th blue lecgion most units revolve around the energy concept and can be very powerful if they have means of getting energy back so let’s see what they can do.

Stonte Tier

  • Gatling Drone: This unit deals fast firing damage and even if it’s not weak itself it’s ability will deal 3 spash damage to units nearby to it’s target.
    • This unit can draind the HP of a lot of units if it’s well covered as it has a lot of base damage and can sustantially damage nearby units.
    • This unit can do specially well against low HP units thanks to it’s high fire rate.
    • A good use of this unit is against units with shieldblock and specially against Tyrus as they’ll dran it’s soul shields pretty quickly.
  • Breachers: This card will spawn 4 breachers wich deal 400% damage to fortified armor, as a bonus they’ll receive only 30% of splash damage, making them really good against crowd control decks.
    • A really useful skill is that they’ll explode uppon contact with an enemy building, dealing 20 splash siege damage where they explode, as a bonus for each energy they carry they’ll do 40 extra damage.
    • They can carry up to 2 energy each one and need external methods to gain it.

Bronze Tier

  • Sentinels:These two tanky units will start with 2 energy points and can use them to make a dash against a random nearby enemy unit dealing 100 damage each one.
    They’ll regain an energy point every time a spell is used nearby.
    • A special feature that makes this unit shine is that they’ll make themselves invincible for 2 seconds after taking damage and this can occur every 8 seconds, making them really good at surviving around towers.
    • As they’ll get energy points every time a spell is cast near them, so a spell deck can be useful to unlock their full potential.
    • If you can buff them enough they can survive a real lot of time, specially on early game.
  • Conductor: This one is pretty strong and in great numbers they’re deadly as they have good health for a ranged unit with high damage. It starts without energy and can only shoot ground to ground.
    • As the sentinels they’ll get energy points every time a spell is cast near them.
    • The condutor is a really strong unit and it’s missile will do 200% damage to flying units so pairing it with inverse gravity can be really deadly.
    • The missile will deal 200% damage to monumental units too, this includes Aegis, Brratu and Granite Guardian.

Silver Tier

  • Echo Projector: This unit is full support and won’t do any damage on it’s own. It’ll fly protecting allies in a circle and reflecting ranged incoming damage that hits them and dealing 40% of the incoming damage. The echo projector will take 10 damage points per reflected projectile and enemies with surefire won’t cause backfire.
    • This unit can be really good if you’re against a heavily ranged deck such as an archer swarm deck.
    • If you don’t have flying units but you have this one, it’ll uncover aimbot so it’ll become visible to land units.

Gold Tier

  • MOAG: The MOAG is one of the strongest units in the game, It can attack from a long distance, it can deal splash damage over all the laser’s range and with it’s high attack damage it can destroy low health units with ease.
    • At the cost of 4 energy points (wich it’ll spawn with), it’ll shoot a huge directed laser to an enemy unit with more than 300 HP dealing 275 damage and stunning the target, making it perfect for dealing with tank units.
    • Since it’s a ranged unit and it’s ability costs only 4 energy, you can pair it with ulse of the forest to help it regain energy as well with flux field so it can regain a few shots in little to no time.
    • The downside of the MOAG is that it’s a ground to ground unit so it cannot attack flying units.
  • Atlas, the Recurring Walker: The legendary card that can be summoned with a normal cooldown, it still can be the only legendary card being played by a player at a given time, so take that in mind.
    • Atlas is maybe is the most underrated legendary card in the game and it’s because the players want it to be used like it’s just another card.
    • Atlas has the modular trait, making it more powerful with each module it has and it gains modules per time it’s played, each module gives it 65 HP and enchances it’s armor rating like this:
      • 1 Unarmored
      • 2-3 Light Armor
      • 4-5 Medium Armor
      • 6-10 Heavy Armor
    • Atlas can be insanely good if there’s a deck built all around him so you can’t just throw him on the field and leave him be specially on early game where he’ll die from a sight.
    • One of it’s abilities is to reflect incoming ranged damage so it’ll do 10 damage to ranged attacking units, taking 10 damage per reflected shot, contrary to echo projector, this skill will redirect damage to surefire enemy units.
    • A great ability it has is that whenever a spell is cast near Atlas, he will heal 10% of it’s total life, ensuring it’s survivance specially from mid to late game where it has reached a lot of max HP.
    • Starting with 205 HP and adding 65 per module, Atlas can get to up to 865 max base HP making it heal 86.5 HP per spell used and remembering it has heavy armor by this point it can sustan a lot of damage, making it a really good late game tank that can heal without needing a specific healing spell.

Blue Legion Buildings

All of the blue buildings (except for aegis) have a skill that limit’s their numbers to up to five units so take that in count when building a strategy around these buildings.

Remember: all of the buildings in the game have fortified armor so they’re really weak against siege damage and take in note that these won’t dissapear until they’re destroyed.

Stone Tier

  • Gatling Turret: This building has high damage, and as the gatling turret it’ll deal 3 points of splash damage at a high firing rate so it’s a solid choice for defending yous towers and units on the early game.
    • The gatling tower can be a good option both for defense an ofense, specially if you use relocate and reload to keep it’s energy suplied at all times.
    • As it’s a fast firing building, it can deal extremely well with units like Tyrus destroying it’s soul shields or Vecra as it won’t get frozen and with it’s high damage it can help to take it down quickly.
    • A good pairing building for this is ammo factory as it’ll regain energy from them, making it able to attack for longer, albeit it’s not ideal since it’ll require a lot of energy just for one gatling tower

Copper Tier

  • Missile Turret: This building has a LOT of attacking range, making it ideal for a tower defense and to deal with approaching enemies from the back. It deals splash damage and will require energy to attack.
    • The missile turret comes with the plus of dealing 200% damage to flying and monumental enemies so they can be a good choice to help against aerial decks or dealing extra damage with inverse gravity.
    • A good pairing building for this is ammo factory as it’ll regain energy from them, making it able to attack for longer and as oposed of the gatling turret the missile turret doesn’t consume energy so quickly so it can sustain more damage by requiring less energy.

Silver Tier

  • Ammo Factory: The ammo factory is the building of your dreams for every energy requiring card you have as it’ll regain energy every 3 seconds andwill give it to nearby units or builings requiring it.
    • It’s really good for high energy cost decks since it can replenish energy and regain it over the time.
    • It can be really good to let it near the nexus so recently spawned units will get to the front battlefield with some energy.
    • The “hello” missile: when a conductor enters the battlefield it starts with 0 energy, as the ammo factory will let it gain 2 energy before going to the battle it’ll get in there with a powerful “hello” missile that can destroy low health units and flying units with ease.
  • Aimbot: The aimbot will let your ranged units and buildings hit from far away without risking their HP as it’ll increase their range by a good ammount.
    • The aimbot is really versatile as it can work on both units and ranged units and every legion has of these, it also give your units a lot of survability.
    • Some units can make a lot of good use, specially long ranged inuts such as oppressors and marksmen as they’ll get A LOT of range, letting them attack unscattered by towers and other units

Gold Tier

  • Aegis IX, The Last Frontier: The legendary card of your dreams and nightmares. Aegis has 3 ranges and it shows as concentric circles around it when you’re about to summon it. It’s abilities are a lot and really useful so let’s lit them firsthand.
    • When it enters the battlefield it’ll annihilate every unit it falls onto so it’s a good idea to strategically use it on enemy units and avoid to put it on your units as it’ll delete them as well.
    • It’ll annihilate units that enter the outer circle
    • It’ll launch two missiles to enemies just like missile turret, altough the missiles will do 54 points of damage and will deal 200% damag to flying enemies.*
    • It’ll attack just like gatling turret to nearby enemies with 4 gatling guns, giving it a real high damage output.
    • It’s monumental so it can be attacked by ground and air flat ranged units.
  • * These missiles are the ones that require energy.

Crystal Legion Spells

The crystal legion spells can be pretty straightforward as well as useful thanks to their simplicity so let’s have a deep look on them.

Stone Tier

  • Echoes of the future: This spell will double your mana input for 30 seconds, afterwards you won’t gain mana for 30 seconds.
    • This spell can be really usefull in times of need, if you feel there’s a lot of pressure against your army and it can be solved by sending extra units this spell can be really useful.
    • Take a lot of care when using this spell as it’ll leave you wide open if you can’t send anyhing after the effect is over.
    • One useful strat can be to don’t use every mana point you use and keep a little on the last seconds so you can use some cards while you can’t gain mana.
  • Cataclysm: This spell will annihilate everything in a radius and can only be cast near your nexus.
    • As your key card it can only be used once in the entire match but can get you out of a lotof troubles since you can destroy an entire army if it’s used on the right time.
    • Remember that this is a one use card so don’t use it if it isn’t absolutely necessary.

Copper Tier

  • Petrify: This card will petrify up to 16 targets during 12 seconds, while they’re petrified they’ll gain 10 HP and can overheal.
    • As the petrified units will heal during a time you should never use it on enemy units to stop them as you’ll benefit them, however you can use it on your own units to stop them so they reach the battlefield on greater numbers and with an overheal bonus.
    • This spell is pretty weird to use as it’s a benefical debuff so you can use it on creative ways, of course you can petrify enemy units but take in mind your firepower since if you can’t reach the petrified units or kill them you can benefit your oponents.

Silver Tier

  • Stone Circle: This spell will create a domain with 10 charges and will grant your melee units an auto attack bonus of 20 points (that can be a lot of damage), ally units affected by this enchantment will show a ring of stones over their right arm or weapon in the case of void bane.
    • A great bonus to this domain is that it will reduce all damage incoming from spells by 80% to every unit inside the domain, rendering enemy spells almost useless if the domain is used correctly and quickly enough.

Gold Tier

  • Earthquake: This can be the most powerful legendary spell in the game, remember that as it’s a legendary card no other legendary cards can be used while it’s on effect.
    • The earthquake will stun enemies in the area of effect during 3 seconds and deal 35 siege splash damage.
    • The earthquake will last 6 waves with 5 seconds between each wave, making the earthquake last for 30 seconds.
    • If it’s used correctly it can decimate low HP units with few hits.
    • The natural counter to this spell are tanky units with ailment immunity so frenzy or monks will save your armies from being decimated as they’ll prevent some units from being stunned.

Crystal Legion Units

These units are based on the idea of being tough and to have abilities mostly unique to them so they can be of use to any other legion. In this regard they do their job really well so let’s see what’s so unique with them.

Stone Tier

  • Granite Scouts: This card will spawn 3 granite scouts. These are the toughest stage 1 melee units as they have light armor and 330 HP, and they have the ability to not me affected by spells used by the rival players (of course your enchanting spells will work on them^^).
    • If you need your units to live a little longer so they get buff or heals for your strategy to work these rocky dudes will be the solution.
    • They come in less numbers than footmen but as they can tank a lot more hits they can be of good use in your swarming decks.
  • Stone Weaver: This card will spawn 2 stone weavers with the siege ability.
    • As they do 4 times their normal damage to buildings they’re one of the best choices for bringing towers down on early game.
    • They have too few health but they’re partially covered by their armor so just don’t let them on the front.

Copper Tier

  • Crystal Enforcer: This tough enforcer will stop at a safe distance from a building an will start charging a beam to deal 50 points of siege damage to that building.
    • With 270 HP, medium armor and 29 base siege damage, this unit can be a good option for tanking some hits on the early game and in great numbers it can be difficult to deal with as it’ll attack to any building from a significant distance.
  • Granite Vanguard: This card will be your best friend if you’re searching for a reliable spammy tough and powerful low cost unit.
    • With 440 HP, medium armor, 27 attack and the ability to hit enemies in a cone it can be arguably the best melee unit of the game as the fact that it’ll spawn 2 vanguards and it’s a stage 2 unit makes it spammable.

Silver Tier

  • Crystal Observer: This card will spawn 2 observers, each one with double shot, making them able to hit two targets at once.
    • The observer can deal a good ammount of damage to multiple enemies and just as with vanguards it can get spammy.
    • They have 194 HP wich isn’t a lot but come with medium armor wich makes them really good units as they’ll survive alot more than a standard flying ranged unit.
  • Granite Chieftain: This one is a really strong tank unit, it has 520 HP with heavy armor and 39 attack, it’s ability creates a granite scout each time the chieftain sustains a minimum of 35 damage, this can happen once every 3 seconds.
    • If the granite chieftain is helped with healing and reinforcement spells it can tank a lot of damage while dealing good damage and creating some extra help on the front of the battlefield.
  • Crystal Chanter: The crystal chanter is your standard crystal legion buffer unit, it’s able to buff the attack speed of the nearby units by 30%, it can link to a unit once every 3 seconds and there’s no limit to the number of units it can help.
    The crystal chanter if it’s helped to survive either by a strong frontline or with spells it can help your units do a lot of damage and can determine the result of a clash of armies.
  • Crystal Crescendo: Once it got a little buff and overseer got a nerf, since then the crescendo got some balancing, but it still is the strong unit we can all have in our decks.
    • The crescendo will do increasing damage to a single enemy and it has surefire so it won’t trigger echo projector’s reflect.
    • It’s attack is of 28 and will increase up to 2 times on 3 seconds intervals, dealing 42 damage at 3 seconds locked onto an enemy and 63 damage at 6 seconds, making it ideal at dealing with high HP units such as every legendary unit and building in the game.
    • Even with light armor, it’s 270 HP will make it able to receive a lot of damage from units and still deal a lot of damage (even survive enough to let other units come into aid).
    • If a deck can let it stay behind it can be the star ranged unit of the deck.

Gold Tier

  • Crystal Overseer: The overseer comes with good attack, 250 HP and medium armor, making it a good and reliable unit which can deal damage to up to 3 enemies at a time.
    • The overseer flies so it’s safe from a lot of melee units while dealing damage to them at the same time.
    • It’s survability should be ensured with some spells and units since it can get fragile once your rivals get a good ammount of units as it’s range is not as good as crescendos’ or other long ranged units.
  • Granite Guardian: This is the only legendary unit that has fortified armor so take care of siege units when summoning it. The granite guardian will be summoned in a meteorite that deals 100 damage to nearby enemy units in a range of the impact.
    • It deals splash damage to every unit near the target, it’s attack isn’t negligible so take in mind once it starts attacking as it’ll wipe out units with good HP on a single hit.
    • Frenzy is a good spell to cas on it as it’ll make it attack a lot faster since it’s animation is pretty slow.
    • It’s a monumental unit so it’ll take damage from air and ground enemies with flat range.

Crystal Legion Buildings

Stone tier

  • Criystal Shrine: The crystal shrine is a stage 1 building that can help your units and buildings by tanking some hits or dealing some damage.
    • It has 275 HP and 17 damage so it can be useful for early game by preventing enemy units from dealing damage to the tower.
    • While in 1v1 it could be really useful, in 2v2 with the increasing enemy units it’s role is solely as a support building, dealing damage to units approaching your army or advancing with them to deal damage, but they can’t be used on the frontline thanks to siege units and the increasing numbers of the armies.

Copper Tier

  • Granite Bouncer: This building can be really useful if it’s used correctly, it has 770 HP and 64 damage but attacks at melee distance.
    • It can wipe out a lot of low health units as once it attack a unit with les than 200 HP, it’ll attack every unit in front of it at 66% of it’s attack, making it able to wipe a good portion of archers or shieldless footmen for example.

Gold Tier

  • Crystal Temple: This one is your upgraded stage 3 crystal shrine wich can be of a lot more of use.
    • The crystal temple has 540 HP and 35 damage, making it a lot more useful, if you take in count that this building can shoot to up to 2 enemies at once you’ll see why it can be so useful on stage 3 with a lot of enemies coming to your buildings.

Remember that these two buildings will disappear after 90 seconds.

Aimbot and the range

As mentioned before, aimbot is a very good support unit for your ranged units but… how much does it increases the range? well, it specifically increases 5 units to buildings and 3 to units but once again, how much is that?

The circle with the missile symbol is of it’s missiles, the middle one is for annihilation beam and the little one with the ammo symbol is for the gatling guns. Tho outer circle is for the missiles with aimbot aid.

But is it really that much?

Well, you can ask this marksman shooting from a range grater than that of a tower so I could say yes, 3 units are a lot of range for your units.


A synergy es when two or more cards can work well together and/or activate special efects. In this sense an obvious synergy is Brratu with every enchantment in the game since it’ll trigger the 300 HP bonus for each enchantment but this part is for less obvious synergies and strats that can make the most out of different cards so let’s begin.

Giant growth and frenzy are besties

This combo is super strong, specially if it’s used on the right unit and timed correctly, while giant growth will give your unit 160 extra base HP, it’ll heal it for 2% of it’s total health for 10 seconds, making it able to take a lot of hits if it has medium or heavy armor, when it’s paired with frenzy on a melee unit it’ll heal an extra 70 HP per hit, this combo will make your melee units survive otherwise lethal blows with some health remaining.

  • On melee units this combo is specially useful if you let your unit tank a hit and then add growth then frenzy since the extra health will make it able to survive other hit and then heal itself with frenzy, you should use the inverse order if you’re fighting against an ailment based deck since frenzy will make your units invulnerable against ailments and therefore predator skills.
  • On Ranged units you should use growth then frenzy so your units can survive lethal hits with their extra health while frenzy majkes them able to hit faster and more targets at once.
  • Frenzy should only be used when the unit is on the battlefront since it’s effects are valuable and the bonus attack rate and heal/double shot lasts for a few seconds.


Since vanguards are the toughest stage two melee tank with their medium armor, good HP and multi-target attack they can be really good when you buff them so giant growth, frenzy and priests are really good units to pair them with.

  • Giant growth will give them 160 max HP and they’ll heal 2% per second, so with this card a vanguard will get up to 600 HP and will heal up to 120 HP, not a lot, but they can make good use of it thanks to it’s armor level.
  • Frenzy won’t give any extra health but with the vanguards healing for 70 HP per attack and as they’ll attack faster for a little time they can get almost immortal against a lot of units, once again thanks to it’s medium armor.
  • The priest will not only heal the vanguards but they’ll upgrade their armor, making it not medium but heavy, this alone will make the vanguards really strong and if you pair it with a couple of healing spells or other options your vanguards will be your ideal cheap tank.
  • If you manage to get these three options on a vanguard (or more) you’ll have really strong melee units wich will be able to tank your front lines while covering your back lines and letting them do damage.
  • Stone circle: Do you want to make these OP vanguars even more OP? well feed them with a stone circle and see how they absolutely destroy any low HP front and back line enemies with that 20 attack bonus.

The black legion and the blue one are besties

  • If your black legion deck requires a lot of energy just feed them with an ammo factory, this way they won’t be lacking of energy and won’t be fighting to harvest those souls.
  • Reload is a good option to let your void banes get to 100% energy before they get to the front lines and with this bonus as you’ll have both blue and black units they can feed them to your MOAGs or liches since they can’t get energy themselves.
  • Relocate can make the most out of your full cauldrons since it can get them near the towers or nexus, destroying the towers and rendering your oponents incapable of place units directly on the frontline or your backline wich will give you a clear advantage.

Conductors, sentinels and spells

  • Both your conductors and sentinels will benefit from spells so a horde of them and some buffing/healing spells can and will do the trick for them do deal a lot of damage in little to no time.
  • Domains can be a really good option since they’ll aid a lot of your units while helping conductors and sentinels gain energy.

Vecra and your freeze deck

  • Vecra is all about freezing enemy units so let’s take her with a freeze deck, a mirror slime spawner, frosworm spawners, lich spawners, the freeze spell and deep freeze on your slime will make vecra almos invincible since it’ll heal by 6 HP per second per frozen enemy around it.
  • Some way to heal it yourself like surge of light or solar flare will make your vecra almost immortal with your freezing deck

What is a good deck?

Many people ask for “good decks” or the top tier cards. In my opinion there’s no such thing in this game given it is 2v2 so we should be talking about two decks instead of one as the decks make synergy with each other and a good combination can wipe evry other combination if played well.

I remember when someone told me that everytime they used one of my decks they’d loose but there’s a reason for it an it’s because you don’t know that deck. Getting to know how a deck works is key to having a good match with it so let’s check a couple of weird decks that I made and how they’re played.

Roots focused deck

This deck is focused around roots and rootlings, this one starts with two rootlings or one boosted with frenzy and growth, then if there comes a large batch of enemies entangling roots is played but not for stopping them but to deal splash damage to everyone and then a rootling comes in aid.

As spawners two rootlings are put to help the previous one or two as it will almost always survive.

We have to remember we are playing with another player so if they get a strong unit in play you should buff them, remember: it’s not always about your own strategy

So that’s the basis for spawners 2 rootlings->rootdood->rootling->spore. As for strats focus on doing damage with rootlings as they’ll do a lot of splash damage.

A key strat is to spawn as much rootlings as you can to get a rootling wave. To do this you can save 400 mana and spawn 4 rootlings near the nexus, bonus points if a rootling/rootdood has spawned from spawners to overwelm the enemy.

So as long as you play around root ailment you can get the most out of this deck. A video showcasing this deck will be uploaded soon.

As of changes to the deck it could be a good idea to change Brratu for frost shock so you can do more damage to towers or enemies near them. You could also replace it for void miasma as the splash damage will give grievous wounds to the rootlings so you can apply grievous wounds to enemies hit by the splash damage (seems to work out, still more tests are needed).

3v3 and 4v4?

These ones are special modes that you can play with friends!! or plain strangers if you wish. In these modes the rules change: there are two lanes and you can divide your spawning on wichever lane you wish.

The meta here changes and by a lot so Iwould recommend to experience it and after that come here to see what’s the real deal in the new meta.

Major changes:

  • Two lanes mean more spans as such your team will be able to place spawners on any of the two spawning areas that will be given.
  • Each area will spawn units to one lane and maybe they can change direction and aid the other lane, but i think this is just RNG.
  • Both lanes will converge on your nexus, giving you an oportunity to build up an army that helps with both of the line’s defense if you are against the ropes .

The new Meta:

For 3v3:

  • In this mode a good early game is to have low cost units that will build a good army. As you are 3 two can focus on one line and the other can switch between each one to gain terrain quickly. Othe strategy can be used if one of the players can hold one lane on their own then the other two can focus on the other lane and rush to the nexus, this way the player with little to no problems will only have to deal with spawners as the three players will probably defend their nexus.
  • Take in mind: there are 2 lanes and 3 players so… it’s time for a real support role. Today after experiencing a real madness on my first 4v4 battle and losing a 3v3 and after analyzing the match the other players were focusing a lot on enchantments and ailments. The next 3v3 match was pretty easy ( I’ll upload it later). So the support role can be of high use here rather than bringing full firepower.

For 4v4:

  • In this mode the thing can get really crazy. when having a match like this you’ll have to think on your 4 oponent’s decks really hard, if you think the four will bring a deck with a lot of tanks or heavy weaponry such as MOAG or lich with little to no walls of units you can do two things: go with healers as they really help here given the increasing numbers on armies or just bring full heavy weaponry as you’ll have the oportunity to bring a lot of those given you are 4 players.
  • As before support decks are welcome.
  • Legendary units can be real fun to bring here. Just think about it: you come here with 4 players and if everyone plays well there is little to no chance of loosing or winning before stage 3 so you can bring the best synergies you can think of your favorite legenday cards. As you are 4 players you can just spam legendary cards and if one is powerfull just imagine being assaulted with four different cards (or the same one) over and over again on one or two lanes.

These matches are really fun and can get really crazy with all the different synergies with the cards so you should really check them out.


Have you been abused by some random strat? Do you want revenge? Do you hate that absurd damage of hail of arrows with only 2 archers nearby? Well the solution are either natural counters or strategy counters so be prepared to turn this game’s strats upside down.

Hail of arrows

This one is pretty easy, you can either have tanks and healing methods such as priests which will heal and give extra armor to your army, or stone circle wich is the natural counter to every damaging spell in the game.


Let your oponents suffer with frenzy and monks when they see that your units aren’t stunned and can continue in their pursue of damaging their army. Also healing units and spells will deal with earthquake’s damage and will boost your units before entering the battle.

Any Flying unit

Oppressors have a really nice and fitting name since they’ll deal with every flying unit with ease, specially with an oppressor swarm. The oppressors can be easilly dealt with ground ranged units and if you manage to get a flying swarm or let them get near the oppressors thay can deal with them altough they’ll be exposed to other oppressors comin


The frostgoyles themselves are pretty weak in terms of HP and armor but they can get really annoying if they come in great numbers or are enchanted so a good option is to get oppressors as they’ll deal a lot of damage to them, conductors’ missiles are other good option as well as missile turret, Spore is a really good option since it’ll gound the frostgoyles so they cant’ reach your ground ranged units or attack without getting attacked by your ground melee units, this way a MOAG can deal enough damage to a lot of them in one hit for example or other AOE damage dealer.

This guide is not finished

In addition I’ll leave some suggestions about synergies, decks and strats against units, spells and buildings once every legion is complete so stay tuned for it’s completion

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