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Demeo launches Mixed Reality 2.0 for multiple platforms

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Resolution Games announced an updated update for Demeo this week, besides multiple platforms getting the Mix Reality 2.0 update. As with Quest 2 and Quest Pro, this update is available, with the developers adding a few new items such as hand-tracking and quality-of-life improvements, as well as making Quest 3 more available. The team announced they will work with Apple for the new vision version. We have more information here, along with some trailers.

Credit: Resolution Games.

“To further enhance the experience, two additional multi-realities features have also been added. This update gives them a co-location to optimize local multiplayer and decorations that can be placed to make your own mood a little. For players who prefer virtual reality, today’s update adds more items celebrating Pixel Ripped 1978 to the basement of the game room, which courtesy of the development studio ARVORE. This follows the recent addition of Demeoeaster eggshiddenin Pixel Ripped 1978 and is the first collaboration between these two companies.”

“Demeo in the first generation, Meta Quest will not receive the Mixed Reality update, but instead get a separate final update today that will continue to develop Demeo for Quest 1 to close. All of this headsets were discontinued, as well as cross-play support. The underperforming owners are still going to have access to multiplayer, but their connections will be restricted only to other players using the first-generation Quest. If Quest 1 owners prefer multiplayer with the largerDemeocommunity, they could offer them a choice.

In addition to today’s update, Resolution Games revealed that Demeo is in active development for Apple Vision Pro for full virtual and mixed reality gameplay, and will be extending Demeo’s flat version’s playership with an upcoming release for Mac. Resolution Games confirms that it has several mixed reality titles actively in development across a number of devices for 2024 and beyond, including several dedicated controller-free games. The company which is currently focusing half of its effort on the creation of mixed reality projects is also announcing today thatDemeo Battles, next entry in the Demeo Action Role-Playing System, will feature a mixed reality mode on Quest 2, Quest 3, and Quest Pro later this year.

“Last fall, we released a mixed reality update for Demeo,” says Tommy Palm, founder and CEO of Resolution Games. “It allowed players to take the gameboard out of the virtual world and first step into their homes. And even though it was very unbelievable to walk around a real table and plan your strategy from any angle, we wanted players to mirror the real world tabletop experience more fully. Beginning today, players can use their hands to pick up miniatures, play cards, and roll the die just like they’d like to.”

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