Depersonalization went to a quick release with the depersonalization


Gamera Games released its Depersonalization game into Steam’s Early Access. The game was inherently misplaced, but since the team was slowly working on this RPG title, we haven’t heard anything about it, and they kept a large part of what you’ll experience in-game, in the secret. The Early Access version, like most versions of the European Academy, will be a sampling of what you expect, but without the full game. You can read more about it and make a look at the latest trailer for the game before coming to Steam to try it out.

Games Credit: Gamera

“Depersonalization is an appendix from a co-created world. TRPG! Dice! Cthulhu! No more bad end! The rest is multi-cutter! A new world begins from zero! The game is comprised of modules that all have multiple endings and branch routes, and are built to build a unique, interactive world. Players create a wide range of characters, advance the story through free exploration, investigation, reasoning, selection, and other actions, and finally reach the final. An intelligent growth system makes no sense. In all, the attributes are achieved by an enigma. Character attributes influence the plot’s direction, allowing players to experience a more multifaceted plot. Maybe someone with very few attributes is likely to trigger scary events.”

The story module will offer many choices. Different actors can draw different plots and ends. It eventually is a complete story with downs and ups. But it is worth noting that you’re playing a role. Your personality and experience influence your choices. No matter whether investigation, infinite modules, content-and-text module or the strange story module, it will be supported in different ways. Let alone break from the traditional combat pattern. Having flexible options during the battle will allow you to create new worlds of your own.”


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