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Desert Odyssey in Genshin Impact: where to find the decor blueprint: where to find a plan for your next project?

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The Warriors of Genshin is a decoration in the Sumeru region. It looks like a wooden wagon with boxes. Furniture can be used in the monastery to organize gifts.

This article shows where to find the Odyssey of the Deserters and how to see it, and what it is for.

Where to find Desert Odyssey in Genshin Impact!

The plan is found in Sumeru, in the caves of Motiyima’s forest. This is the oldest city in the World of the Year. Take the stairs, climb down the mountain and get the cave’s entrance. Start pushing a little further and descend to the base of big mushrooms.

The chest is in a small pool between two Cryo Creepers and the end of the cave.

How can I see the Odyssey of the Hermits decor?

You can buy the item Desert Odyssey with the button Make Decor. Write down your thoughts in the list and select Create.

You need to create the Desert Odyssey.

Decor element is created for 14 hours. From there you have 60 trust points.

As soon as possible the creation can be accelerated by 4 hours by a friend or complete with Flask of Adepts Speed.

Why is Desert Odyssey a concept?

Desert Odyssey is an integral part of the following pack:

The largeness of the military situation makes sense.

If you invite characters to a decor set, you can get 20 Stones, 20000 Pestilence, 2, 2 Talent Books, or an Exalted Stone Fragment.

Our guide helped you find the Odyssey of the Desert blueprint and create the décor for the Peace of Sémenity. Learn about all the great Sumeru stories and use the Geneshin guide on the site.

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