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Desolatium bringing Consoles into the world in October

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Prepare for halite.

Prepare your game, console players. The world of consoles are melting fast. Your lost friend relies on you. I have a lot of horrors ahead of you as you regress into Lovecraftian madness. Today, SOEDESCO has a big chance to announce the launch of its graphic adventure, Desolatium, this October. It is starting on October 27th and starts to get the game ready to take off the game. A press release reveals the video game’s development. Besides, a new trailer gives players the insight they might expect from the game.

Desolatium introduces players to four different characters looking for their missing friend. Of course, each of these players gives unique ways to experience the world of the game and learn. It is important to know that the world is harmed in mysteries and darkness. In addition to that darkness, there are real life Lovecraftian myths that seem to be getting mixed up in the world. It’s your duty to decide if these monsters are real.

Of course, players can watch the new trailer from console. The trailer shows off the gameplay and the art of the game. View the release date trailer below.

The second-generation of Desolatium will be released on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch on October 27th. Moreover, a demo is available onSteam to use to try and experience madness. What about a lovecraftian adventure?


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